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Barbarian 08-30-2006 07:08 AM

Want to know of a site that promotes NWO ideals?
I have recently unearthed a collective where NWO activities are in full flow and feel that it should be brought to the attention of the people who are registered to this site.
The establishment in this instance seeks to restrict its members movements, silence or alter views as it sees fit, impersonates itís members to post spurious views and even goes so far as to attempt to access private email accounts of its own members for its own undisclosed reasons.
Who is this organisation you may ask. It is non-other than this very website,
I notice that a there is a large amount of people who have signed up to this site to express their concerns over Big Brother activity and how to avoid it, but how many have looked at the very site you are collectively seeking shelter underneath?
I am signed up at other websites under various sign on names, and to protect my identity on those sites, I will not issue them, especially on this site.

The idea is sickening that the very site you seek help from is guilty of acting in this manner. I have emailed the admin of this site to ask why they have tried to access my email account, but they have failed to respond. Perhaps they have learnt well from the governments that they claim to be against. I guess its one rule for you and whichever rule they decide on implementing on that particular day.

For those who donít believe me, I suggest signing up for a secure email account at which will inform you as to when people try to access your account and the IP address of the person who tried to access it. It is a very secure site and if you give the wrong password more than 3 times in a row, it will suspend your account for 15 minutes, so password crunchers are not suitable on it.

If you are seeking a new website to post on, one where the admin and mods do not sit and guard their power like evil dictators, try one of these sites:

As I have said I am signed up on these sites aswell as on here and know that these sites have not tried to access my email accounts or edited a single one of my posts. The administration and free and easy to talk to and will not ignore their members and actively seek assistance in knowing how they can be of better help in the case of

Again, if you value your privacy follow these simple steps:
Ensure that the password you have selected for your access to this account is not the same as the one you use for you subscribed email account.

Sign up for a secure email account with for ALL correspondence with this site and ensure that the password for this account and your question is not similar to your old password or to the one you use to access this site.

Be safe, sign up to the other sites instead of this fascist site that lie and access your information

I doubt this post will be on this site long before an admin comes along and edits it to their view or removes it entirely. If it was a government doing this, you would rise up and fight and make your voice known, but the hardest way to hurt a website doing this sort of corruption is to boycott it completely.

08-30-2006 07:48 AM

Re: Want to know of a site that promotes NWO ideals?
We don't need to go to the sites you mentioned because we are ALREADY on those sites. BTW we are aware that the sphere photo you posted here is a fake. Maybe we will explain how we know this technically on one of those other sites. Be seeing you again and again.

Barbarian 08-30-2006 08:55 AM

Re: Want to know of a site that promotes NWO ideals?
Thats it?
You just answer ONE of my points and ignore the ones which concern invasion of privacy?
Or editing and deleting of posts?
Or yourselves logging in as members to post spurious comments?
Thats the best you can do?
Mock my photographs, claim them as fake, 'we've dealt with you now' attitude?
Is that the plan of attack for NWO? Just go after one little item and hope that it will bring down their entire infrastructure? You've been watching too much Star Wars.

I'm glad you have access to the other websites. Perhaps they will show you how to run a website instead of the tactics that you deploy on this site

I demand an explanation for attempting to access my email account, for editing and deleting my posts, for logging in as members

...and lets keep it open and public. This site is supposed to be against the antics of 'behind closed doors'

08-30-2006 04:57 PM

Re: Want to know of a site that promotes NWO ideals?
Nothing you demand will be forthcoming from us. Be seeing you soon.

Barbarian 08-31-2006 02:16 AM

Re: Want to know of a site that promotes NWO ideals?
There you go, the people in charge of this very site are not concerned about antics of their admin or mods, hacking of their members email accounts and false impersonation.

They want you to be worried about secret governements but ignore them if they use the same tactics.

Tor 08-31-2006 03:35 AM

Re: Want to know of a site that promotes NWO ideals?
For once barbarian is making a little sense. The unpleasantness we had a first is being resolved to my satisfaction. All attempts to reach a mod have failed and I suspect that Narbarian may have in fact stumbled upon something that certain people wish didn't happen.

As far as the hacking goes. Yes its been tried against me. Why? I'm not sure. Possibly because of my ties to government possibly not. We may never know. I will tell you it a a crime to hack into a secure email box like I have. There are certain, unnamed security devices which I have implanted into the box which will result in an unpleasant suprise for anyone going there. So this needs to stop as you will only hurt yourself.


Axe polyduris sinc.

Shadow 08-31-2006 06:14 AM

Re: Want to know of a site that promotes NWO ideals?
This has happened to me too. They posted messages in my name to counter my warnings about data vipers.

08-31-2006 10:26 AM

Re: Want to know of a site that promotes NWO ideals?
Personally I think that they dont give a shit, they have never answered any of my questions as far as I know, I think that its time to say that if they dont reply to our questions we should abandon this site.

They 08-31-2006 10:50 AM

Re: Want to know of a site that promotes NWO ideals?
Gotta agree with Torchy here. Especially since they put Tor in a position of power. WTF was the thinking behind that move?

ignt 08-31-2006 11:19 AM

Re: Want to know of a site that promotes NWO ideals?
The one that you mention is not new to this site.

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