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john 12-20-2004 02:47 PM

Why a public Central Bank would be great.
Simple description of how would work a Central Bank if not in the hands of the private bankers:

1. On behalf of the government, the public Central Bank is printing as much money as necessary for:
- the annual public budget;
- the private economy investments.

2. The sum necessary to the public budget is not charged with interests, contrary to what does a privatly owned Central Bank (generally 8% but often much).

3. The sum necessary to the private economy is lended:
- directly to finance big projects in real economy (not in speculative financial economy), at a low rate of 1% or 1,5%;
- through the private banks, at a non-usurary rate of 2,5% or max. 3%.

4. When lended through the private banks, these have to pay back an interest of 1% or 1,5% to the public Central Bank. The difference between their own interest of 2,5% or max 3% makes their non-usurary profit.

5. Every year, the money which was lended by the public Central Bank to the private enterprises or to the private banks is paid back to the Central Bank with the 1% or 1,5% interests covering the public costs and risks of these lendings. These paid-back sums are destroyed in order to avoid an inflation due to excedentary money in circulation ("excedentary" is relative to the current national production-consumation balance).

6. The supplementary sum necessary to the individuals and the private enterprises to pay the 2,5% or max. 3% interests to the private banks and the 1% or max. 1,5% to the Central Bank if directly borrowed from it is coming from the money spent by the government (its annual budget) in the form of salaries and furniture`s buying.

As main results of this system:

- no more inflation as no more debt accumulation in the private economy;
- no more unemployment as the enterprises can invest in their projects without being struggled by usurary interests and without being obliged to borrow a lot of money just to pay back the previously borrowed money`s interests;
- no more non-stop increasing national debt as the government don`t have to pay back usurary interests and interests on the interests to a privately owned usurary Central Bank.

Sorry for my poor english, folks.

rushdoony 12-20-2004 05:01 PM

Re: Why a public Central Bank would be great.
Why a public Central Clothing Manufacturer
would be great. We could have the government make
and price all our clothes, black burlap for men and gray burlap for women.
Why not just have a free market in clothes?

Why not just have a free market in money:

marypopinz 12-20-2004 05:20 PM

Re: Why a public Central Bank would be great.

You are a f%$king idiot.

F&*k off back under the rock you crawled from with your stupid brainwashing. You must be thick as shit to think that anyone will fall for your bullshit here. Toe jam smells better than what you are serving up.

You do serve your purpose in enlightening many who visit what people like you are about, that people like you are real, and we should rise above your breed of ignorance.

You may snare a few unsuspecting sheep and not while I type what an ignorant, self-absorbed in your own world, center of the universe, kind of idiot you are.

It's the intention behind your actions that makes me dislike you so. You are up to know good and I will certainly make an example of you.

If you have bothered to read many posts on this forum, what you are proposing in in direct correlation with what the NWO want.

And now you want a single NWO world? People are not as stupid as you or your government fiends (oops) friends believe. We will rise above the likes of you.

Go fly your commie flag up your arse. We can all see it waving now.

I will pray for your soul.


sablefish 12-20-2004 07:07 PM

Re: Why a public Central Bank would be great.
The Federal Reserve could not exist if it were not for government deficit spending.. That is what they do.. Loan the government money for the emergencies that they create in our names...The way to solve the problem is to not have deficit spending..

Forget about politicians, and voting out the representatives that sign these bills indebting our children's children to tax slavery.. We are way beyond that..

The real reason that Timothy Leary was thrown into prison was that his message was to drop out of the war machine.. Turn on, tune in, and drop out is the answer..

It doesn't take drugs it takes personal integrity to resist this evil empire.. and all we have to do is drop out... Grow our own food live simply and barter and the whole NWO scam will fail.

Would you trade your microwave oven for your great grandchildren's future is the question.

MaryX.. The way to get rid of the rushdoonies of the world is to not post after he enters a thread.. When the administrators see what is happening, they will get rid of him, and people like him, or the site itself will be destroyed by
the disruptors and the destroyers of honest discourse... I don't think Henry would like that.

marypopinz 12-20-2004 07:31 PM

Re: Why a public Central Bank would be great.
Sable, thanx for the good advice... accepted.

Toilet overflowed last night and fat fire today!

Didn't have a chance to go singing, so I thought I'd let dummy have a taste of his own. I know I should ignore and I shouldn't bite and sorry...

Today, I just couldn't resist. "Sorry, rush loonie."

I will ignore the dummy, from now on, I promise myself.

Point noted. I have to get back to the real world and earn some play money. I'll be stopping by now and again. I hope everyone has a great "holiday" season...MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Mary xxx

sablefish 12-20-2004 07:56 PM

Re: Why a public Central Bank would be great.
MaryX you are an inspiration.. A light in the darkness and cowardness of our lives.. Keep up the good works, God Bless and MaryX Mas.. I couldn't help the pun.

freeman 12-20-2004 08:24 PM

Re: Why a public Central Bank would be great.
Yes, Mary Xmas, I second the motion.
Believe me, Mary, your "hot buttons" are the same as mine. No need to apologize.
I suspect we have had many of the same experiences with the same groups of people.
Don't work too hard for your play money, and have a nice holiday with your family.

freeman 12-20-2004 08:28 PM

Re: Why a public Central Bank would be great.
At the risk of indulging what rushdooney suggests, I have to ask, is it really necessary to have central banking?
In an ideal world, wouldn't we be better off with real currency backed up by a gold or silver standard?
Don't we need to get away from an economic system based on usury and speculation instead of real reward for actual work and production?

sablefish 12-20-2004 09:16 PM

Re: Why a public Central Bank would be great.
It seems like the the people that work and save are exploited by the people that cheat and borrow.. It seems like the righteous end up in jail and the slimes end up in government.. What happened in 1913 on Jeckel Island is the cause of the problem.. That was the beginning of the FED.. and the end of American Constitution.

Every president that wanted to get rid of the FED has been assassinated.. JFK was the last American presidential hero.. Ever since then "our" Presidents have supported the FED.. because if they didn't they and their families would die..

The Kennedy curse is the ill will of the FED... None of "our" politicians want to take on "That Dog".. So chickenshit traitors is all we get to chose from in our elections...What a drag.

nohope187 12-20-2004 09:20 PM

Re: Why a public Central Bank would be great.
Howdy Freeman, the problem with Gold and silver is the limited supply which leads to hoarding. I think barter is the best way to go. :-P

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