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sablefish 12-21-2004 01:42 PM The Movie
The movie will be a collaborative project.. it will be about the lives and times of the people who participate in an online Conspiracy forum.. their interactions and their get together at the first year anniversary of the sites opening.. ( I'd like it to be a musical comedy).. But if it turns out to be a tragedy, or a drama, that's O.K. too.. I'm easy.

As a collaborative project were we all can take part in its development.. Henry Makow will own the copy write, and have the final say over the script..

There is enough talent and brains here to make this happen, and it will be fun in collectively creating something..

All input will be considered and agreed upon by consensus.

Id like to help in the music department..

How can you help..

(I haven't checked with Henry to find out if we can do this, but if he doesn't evaporate the thread, then I imagine it is O.K)

nohope187 12-21-2004 01:55 PM

Re: The Movie
I guess the hardest part about this, is making the initial plans, scripts and what have you. I'm not sure what to do yet but, I'll be around if I see opportunity to help out. :-P

sablefish 12-21-2004 02:37 PM

Re: The Movie
Nohope.. Write a brief description of your home setting scripting out how you would like to be portrayed in the movie.. There is definitely a part for your character.. I imagine you will be the doom and gloom type.. : ) .. Go ahead write a little scene including you going to your computer and logging on to the site.

Try to imagine the camera angle.. or shoot the sequence with a cam and we'll figure how to use your input in the project...

I have no idea how to put together a movie either.. I'm hoping for input.. believing that collectively we can figure it out.

madkhao 12-21-2004 03:40 PM

Re: The Movie The Movie

Scene 12???

The club members plot to save Houston after receiving the potential bomb threat.

(camera showing forum thread communication)


nohope187: DUUUUDE, we gotta save Houston and be heroes! 8-)

sablefish: I agree nohope, something must be done! Perhaps we can round up enough members to picket Washington and congress will be caught off guard and back off. Better yet, perhaps we can all picket naked like back in the 70's. What fun!

marypopinz: OH MI GOD! OH MI GOD! What can I do? Oh I know, I'll withdraw a hundred dollars in American singles and write GET OUT OF HOUSTON on am I going to distribute the money there?? Oh well, no time to think about it now, gotta get to the Nazi Scotia bank before it closes.
This is going to be Mahoosive!!!xoxox

rushdoony: I was speaking to some people from Houston last night and I warned them about the potential threat but they just wouldn't listen. I should've told them about it BEFORE telling them my world in no motion theory. (sheepish face) Hey Mary, why don't you save your money and buy some breasts if we're going to picket naked!

madkhao: What's the point? We're all gonna die sooner or later. Let's say a prayer. Dear God,
If we're gonna die, please let it be quick and painless and please don't leave our souls in Hades. Amen.

(camera goes to different shots of different members. Some madly rushing to save lives, some still poking through forums, some resorting to the fetal position in their closets, all in the name of humanity.)

Ana 12-21-2004 04:53 PM

Re: The Movie
Mary and I could do ‘The London Connection’ when she comes to over this summer. We could embark on action packed visits to elitist buildings, we’d have to do some research and choose our targets carefully as we would like to get some sort of verbal response and not be thrown out by security!

We would need to go for the Charlies Angles or rather, Henrys Angels image to add some glamour to this male dominated cause. We could carry Henrys Angels gadgets like walkie-talkies (in the unfortunate case of separation communications must continue), handbags to disguise our mini video cameras and large sunglasses. Hitting a few obstacles on the way for that element of suspense, dramatic dashes across the street, hailing taxis and saying “Follow that car!” As it’s a musical comedy Mary will burst into song every ten minutes and I’ll join in on the chorus (I’d supply the comedy by going out of tune), we also need a mini love affair in our movie so one of us could be chatted up by one of our elite targets, being talented secret agents we would never fall for such emotional blackmail and be professional at all times. Logging on and submitting our report to Henry would complete our mission.

:-D :-D

Max 12-21-2004 05:04 PM

Re: The Movie
Sign me up on the project.

I've had a thought on other similar type projects- ones that would be used for de-programming of others. One possible story line I've had some rough ideas on for a de-programming piece could work as a movie. The story is based around the behind the scenes workings of a sadistic group who are the puppet masters of a CEO of a huge company who are in the process of working on a major power grab and money scam. Dealings of all kinds of corruption are going on in an escalating fashion- talk of bribes, threads, extortion, media spin, fabrication of scientific data, disinformation, vote rigging and assassination. Anything to meet the agenda. For added effect, there could be involvement with hardcore drug use, Satanism and prostitution. In the end, the efforts of the elites pay off with a major win for themselves.

The final scene however shows the elites with the CEO before he has to make a major public address (to the shareholders)- they have some laughs before the CEO leaves and as he does the camera follows him where he ends up in front of Congress making a State of the Union address- the audience then realizes that they have been mislead and that the CEO is actually the president of the USA and the corruptly controlled cooperation is actually the USA itself.

BTW- if anyone wants $$ distrusted in Houston just mail them to me! LOL

sablefish 12-21-2004 06:08 PM

Re: The Movie
O.K. This could work out real good.. The only voters that we have in the project at this time are those represented here now...

I propose that this, in the spirit of collaborations be divided into tasks..

1. Script.. including plot.
2. Character development (We want a wide variety of viewpoints, within the conspiracy framework.. We are not lockstep)
3. Tech support (people who have graphic and cinema skills)
4. promoters.. (people to raise awareness on the web) that ..A PROJECT IS HAPPENING.
5. Money gatherers for the project...( these guys are the key)

I am not a great organizer.. If I am correct in my faith, This project should be self organizing.. and because of that, and, We are not into this project for financial reasons.. I suspect that the NWO will put us on their shit list.. Are you ready?
for a Great confrontation?.

I am asking for volunteers to take on the responsibilities of each of the five tasks.
.. and if there are no volunteers in one of the areas.. I will do it.. This project needs to be done

It is kind of like a rock band, where I am forced to play guitar when I am best as a drummer...Hey it's O.K with me.. I don't care, I get to play in "The Band"

We are all equal here .. Henry gets the final edit...O.K?

sablefish 12-21-2004 06:43 PM

Re: The Movie
Ana.. Please choose one of the 5 areas you would like to take part in..

The fact of the matter.. With the brain power here.. The script could be done in a week.. The music score in the same time frame.. And if we have some great pimps around here, helping with the financing for the movie.. We would have it in a week. (but that is dreaming)

So let's start small.. and imagine that we can collectively put together a bunch of video cams and act out the moves and motives of the participants in our drama/forum..

Why not collect, and organize the efforts of "The Project".. in video.. shot on cams, or digital cameras (in movie mode).

The idea is to get the storyline together.. on the cheap..

We need someone who can splice the stuff together for a very low budget presentation to Money People.. Those who will put Real Money (Big Bucks) into the production.

That is the way we will get our movie .. into the mainstream.

DarkChilde3D 12-21-2004 09:31 PM

Re: The Movie
Wow, that was quick . . . I just posted a reply in the original forum.

I guess I can be the lead animator, and compositor . . . I have voice talent in my corner, and some of them owe me favors . . . so I got a bunch of bases covered.

Does anyone else in here use 3D Studio Max 4.0, Adobe Premiere 6, Adobe PhotoShop 7? Or, an even better question is, does anyone have any experience in animation at all?

I'm a moderator for an art forum, and maybe we can make this a collaborative work between the two sites . . . I gotta talk to my admins first, and I'd like to have at least 3 full pages of script to take to them. But for right now, lets make this ours.

Who has Computer Generated Art Experience?

DarkChilde3D 12-21-2004 09:34 PM

Re: The Movie
BTW . . . to make this easier, there is usually a certain schedule to follow. I do have a LOT of experience in the animation department on all levels, including Project Lead. I'd be more than happy to be either an advisor or the Lead Project Manager on this. It's no big deal when you've done this as long as I have.

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