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09-21-2006 04:55 PM

Although its old news it still raises a big question
Just thinking back to the time of the first presidential debate between Kerry and Bush which happened on September 30th 2004, shortly before this on September 22nd, a jet flying into Salt Lake City, when an intense laser beam had lit up their cockpit nearly blinding them to the point of not being able to land the craft, this was no over the counter laser that one could get ,

"The intensity of the light was nearly indescribable," Winder said. "It was like looking at an arc welder without goggles.",

this had to be a military type of laser to have this much effect, the government then went about threatening regular citizens that if they shine one of these mini lasers towards a plane they will be found and they will be prosecuted, after this there were many people arrested for this, my problem here is that they had no trouble finding these backyard over the counter lasers but they couldn't figure out where the source of the extreme laser had come from.
Question, did those who knew george bush couldn't handle himself in an upcoming debate unless he could hide behind the curtain that the terrorist had just brought down a US flight had determined that he needed something to build his confidence during the debate, now Bush who is an idiot and not sure what the hell is going on around him, would quickly gravitate to this incident for his courage in the debate, possibly even making him look somewhat intelligent, but since it didn't crash, he needed to wear the mysterious box under his suit, would he had needed this if the jet would have crashed?
I write this because tommarrow is the anniversery of this failed plot, and as shown in the past, when they fail to succeed at first they'll try it again,
although Bush isn't heading into another debate, we need to realize these people working for the shadow government are sadistic and they try to fix their failed plots, even just for kicks.
Personally I believe the laser originated from a very high flying craft, of course we probably won't ever find out.
What I would like to know is who was on this jet that they would have liked to have gotten rid of, that way they would have killed two boogeymen with one crash.,1249,600119919,00.html

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