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nomad 03-18-2005 02:12 PM

Americans can't think for themselves
This quote comes from

Did you notice in Forbes this week that Fidel Castro was`again listed amongst the wealthiest people in the world with assets of $550 million(US). What a scam.
Keep up the good work.


What a scam is right ! The man controls

everything in Cuba and has partnerships

with all companies ... a single industry in

other countries could be worth billions and they

valued him at $500 million ??? and no one

questions this absurdity ???

BS !

nohope187 03-18-2005 04:01 PM

Re: Americans can't think for themselves
No shit?! :-P

marypopinz 03-18-2005 04:02 PM

Re: Americans can't think for themselves
Sheeple can't think for themselves, that's why they are named as such. Mindlessly being led to the slaughterhouse.

Fcuk that shit.

Free people can think for themselves. I thank God I am one of them.

Praise Jesus is right. He could think for himself too. He knew God, personally.

nohope187 03-18-2005 04:28 PM

Re: Americans can't think for themselves
I don't think Amerikans will ever think for themselves. Public school, media, and entertainment industry have done too much damage to hope for any kind of positive change. Also, the dialectical facade is so mahoosively(thanx for introducing that slang to me, Mary) strong, any amount of truth that slips out will have little or no effect. :-P

marypopinz 03-18-2005 06:23 PM

Re: Americans can't think for themselves
Hey hope,

Remember our little race?

Mary scored a very nice jackpot. See what you can achieve if you have faith and live in hope?

Somebody up there loves me and I say thank you God for that.

Your turn is next. You better not let me down.

To all - have hope,


nohope187 03-18-2005 06:32 PM

Re: Americans can't think for themselves
what race was that? :-P

nohope187 03-18-2005 07:56 PM

Re: Americans can't think for themselves
Oh, nevermind. I stopped paying attention after the first 10 posts. :-P

rangergord 03-20-2005 06:32 AM

Re: Americans can't think for themselves
(a reply to the subject and what it suggests)

I am an American, third generation.

Fuck Off!

There are about 300 Mil. You just wacked 300 Mil with one brush you elitist pig. You don't fucking know me and you don't have any right to get away with a subject that suggests people born in my neighborhood are inferior to every other freaking bastard on this planet.

Your limp article did nothing to support the idea that all American's (and only American's) are sheeple.

I am not the cause of your suffering. You are an ass.

marypopinz 03-20-2005 09:20 AM

Re: Americans can't think for themselves
I would personally suggest that canadians can't think for themselves, for the most part.

I believe the sheeple are a breed to be found in most first world countries.

A manipulative media and a lamestream education does not do much for independent thought here in Canuckistan.

Most Canadians are thick as shit. That's the sad truth. I have only realised how "thinking" I am in learning how dumbed down the population is. I can't speak for American civilisation and Canada is fcuked.

nohope187 03-20-2005 12:43 PM

Re: Americans can't think for themselves
Here we go again. I've said this before on a couple different times on different threads, but hey RG. Do you know anyone in your neighborhood who's aware about the NWO? What about your hometown, city or state? Nobody right? In fact, most of Amerika doesn't believe the NWO even exists. Most Amerikans don't believe government sponsored terror exists. A little more than half of Amerika(including the entire military) worships the ground that Bush walks on. I'm third generation Amerikan myself, and you don't see anyone else here from Tennessee on this site do you? So as far as all things NWO goes, Amerikans are stupid and deserve the tyranny that's coming to them because not enough people are waking up to make any difference. That goes for the rest of the world too. :-P

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