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andypants 10-24-2006 05:59 AM

I want to make a difference (I want YOUR opinions to help)
I've been reading up on many conspiracy's over the last 6months, and although I believe alot of the info out the is total garbage. One thing I do believe is that corporations are making FAR TO MUCH MONEY and something needs to be done about. I'm only 18 and have no wealth or power, but I do have.... A PRINTER AND PAPER!!!
So i'm going to get out and start sticking posters on wall's, handing out flyer's, holding up signs. It's time for people to start spreading the word, and the Internet is not the place. It's obvious there are some series lie spammer's out there, and we're never going to get our message out on the web.
The only problem is, what message do I spread?
I'm up for any ideas, any comments are good comments, and I want everyoneís opinion.
In my opinion the best message to spread is a simple one, and should include at least these basic elements.

1. Focus on identifying the key issues in HUMAN RIGHTS for the people of the country your in. (for me thatís Australia) To interest the average Joe Blow [person] (not meant as insult, it's Aussie slang) your need to focus on the issues that affect THEM, not "the greater good for mankind" they need to know how THEY are impacted.

3. Point out economic imbalances, increasing imbalances (these points put across in graph for simplicity and greater emotion impact when reading).

4. Small section on major environmental issues, most (most people think they've heard it all on this issue, so it's extremely important to point out facts that aren't well know but are still very important)

5. Info on how people can SPREAD THE NEWS and HELP OUT. Ways that THEY can do something!

6. Link's to direct text's on the internet which are written without bias on the issue at hand, on sites that are strictly focused on REAL issues and not so much on theories, we need to have good credibility.

7. A download link to the pamphlet for download and an "email to friend button" (plenty of free upload sites around).

Best not to include, but open to opinion.

No links to website homepages (we not aiming at spreading anything other than the topic at hand.

It should NOT include any "supernatural" information/links. We are focusing on getting the average person to question the current laws, pointing out laws in which we have major issues with (Iíll need help with this my knowledge on this subject is limited, although I am researching as best I can)

The pamphlet can't be to big, we're not making a book, this thing has to be a quick hit of IMPORTANT info.

Can't really think of anything else at the moment its but i'm going to think about this more and do some brainstorming and come back.
Please everyone's opinion and/or support (I want honest opinions, but please no flaming, lets keep this friendly, and no porn! or anything like that. This is an important issue and deserves respect.)

I know ALOT of people who will hand out pamphlets for free for me, so if this idea goes ahead well enough, Iím going to spread this around. I am willing to put alot of my spare cash into this if need be (not much but i'll try). This is something that's very important to me and is something that should be important to everyone. We need to focus on spreading AWARENESS and outline the importants of the need for change and the need for us to RAISE OUR VOICE!

We NEED to stand up for our RIGHT'S as HUMAN BEINGS, they are GOING to strip us of everything in the end, and the longer we wait, the HARDER IT GETS, if we leave it any longer we may not have a future. I want to have kids and see them live happy and kind and generous. NOT media brainwashed, unhappy, lost in life and broke. It's happening already and the worst part is EVERYONE KNOWS! But noone says anything.

10-24-2006 09:11 AM

Re: I want to make a difference (I want YOUR opinions to help)
although Ive got a major head ache right now, I will reread your post and deffinately will get back with you on it.
good for you! for realizing that our duty is to quit sitting, and actually do something.

10-24-2006 12:59 PM

Re: I want to make a difference (I want YOUR opinions to help)
I've got a few things going right now, because I live in the US, I'm going to get me a portable dvd player, hit the bars, veterans associations and the such, and try to interrest them in setting up viewings of America: from Freedom to Fascism, if they think it is an important documentary that needs to get out, they could charge 5 bucks to watch it, and anything I get from it, I'll be sending to Aaron Russo so he get get the word out further.
If this goes well, it will be a good oportunity to get out information on the rest of what is happening and has happened to this country.
What do you think is the main thing that needs to get out to the people down there?

sysop 10-24-2006 03:54 PM

Re: I want to make a difference (I want YOUR opinions to help)
Check out look at the Activism section. Good ideas there. Some of it may be a bit much for you, but anything is better than nothing.

I print flyers out advertising my website and so forth.

By the way, I agree about the supernatural thing, though I tend to cater to whoever I'm speaking to. If it's a hardcore Christian I have no problem using Bible verses and so forth if it gets them involved.

George_Bush 10-24-2006 04:12 PM

Re: I want to make a difference (I want YOUR opinions to help)

Nice thoughts. Too shallow. Still thinking like a secular human.

You'll never touch the dark elite. Never. The only way is through spiritual warfare on the plane which the war is actually waged.

But go on with your demonstrations, petitions, public service anouncements, and what not.

Let me know when you're serious about altering the course of world history forever.

Until then, spare me the niceties.

--Fra N. 0=1 777 Moonchild E.X.

sysop 10-24-2006 04:15 PM

Re: I want to make a difference (I want YOUR opinions to help)
Well okay Dr. Goofy

ignt 10-24-2006 07:21 PM

Re: I want to make a difference (I want YOUR opinions to help)
It is to late for any of this. Understand first that you fight against a much stronger reality. One that is not always bound by your natural laws and that manipulates your elite as much as they manipulate you. I suggest that you learn the true history of your world and do not accept the agreed upon history that is a sham. Be wiser than the serpent. For I know the Nachash well and it is subtle.

mmddll 11-13-2006 10:09 PM

Re: I want to make a difference (I want YOUR opinions to help)
Let me first say that i don't know anyone on this site, and although this may seem like another "troll" posting, rest assured that it's not. This is a totally spiritual war going on, just like "ignt" said.

(I think this only works in Internet Explorer 5.5 or's because of the VBscript and javascript used. But don't worry, it's safe. It's just necessary to give it some character, for purely aesthetic reasons.)

The website takes time to start because it has alot of pictures. It's about a drawing I did in 1984. I found an image of George Bush in it by using "alpha compositing" (invented by Alvy Ray Smith for Microsoft in the mid-1980's)in my drawing program (I discovered this recently, this year)

I did the drawing long before I knew what a computer looked like. It was based on the Book of Revelation and Pink Floyd The Wall (the PF album is about a psychopathic Rock Star dictator, but in reality is about the Antichrist---The Final Cut was a continuation of this story and starts out "Tell me true tell me why was Jesus crucified?")

Anyway, for those who are interested in it, I am not finished building the site. It takes time because I work for a living, but it has alot to do with money and our "entertainment" industry (mass media). Jesus gave many sermons about money and greed and the apostles spoke alot about it. The "Beast" is motivated by it and condemns those who are opposed to the system. It is the underlying theme of all that is wrong in our world---the love of money. Nuff said. Please be patient while images load...follow the "memory hole" to the "matrix" and you'll understand what that "trilogy" is all about.

mmddll 11-13-2006 10:25 PM

Re: I want to make a difference (I want YOUR opinions to help)
Revelation 19:10 (King James Version)
King James Version (KJV)

10And I fell at his feet (the angel) to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

mmddll 11-13-2006 10:36 PM

Re: I want to make a difference (I want YOUR opinions to help)
The words of the prophecy were sealed when Daniel recieved the Revelation of the final secular world government. Jesus had the power to open the seven seals by his victory on the cross, as mentioned in Revelation. The revelation of the "Beast" and "Harlot" is a composite of all of the world empires from the Egyptian empire to the Roman empire.


To store this matte information, the concept of an alpha channel was introduced by A.R.Smith in the late 1970s, and fully developed in the 1984 paper Compositing Digital Images, by Thomas Porter and Tom Duff.
alpha compositing

The "lying signs and wonders" of the Matrix trilogy would not have been possible without it.

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