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true-lilly 12-13-2006 06:27 PM

How Great is the Amazon River?
How Great is the Amazon River?
The Amazon is the greatest river in the world by so many measures; the volume of water it carries to the sea (approximately 20% of all the freshwater discharge into the oceans), the area of land that drains into it, and its length and width. It is one of the longest rivers in the world and, depending upon who you talk to, is anywhere between 6,259km/3,903mi and 6,712km/4,195mi long.

For the last century the length of the Amazon and the Nile Rivers have been in a tight battle for title of world's longest river. The exact length of the two rivers varies over time and reputable sources disagree as to their actual length. The Nile River in Africa is reported to be anywhere from at 5,499km/3,437mi to 6,690km/4,180mi long. But there is no question as to which of the two great rivers carries the greater volume of water - the Amazon River.

At its widest point the Amazon River can be 11km/6.8 mi wide during the dry season. The area covered by the Amazon River and its tributaries more than triples over the course of a year. In an average dry season 110,000 square km of land are water-covered, while in the wet season the flooded area of the Amazon Basin rises to 350,000 square km. When the flood plains and the Amazon River Basin flood during the rainy season the Amazon River can be up to 40km/24.8 mi wide. Where the Amazon opens at its estuary the river is over 325km/202 mi wide!

Because the Amazon drains the entire Northern half of the South American continent (approx. 40% landmass), including all the torrential tropical rains that deluge the rainforests, it carries an enormous amount of water. The mouth of the Amazon River, where it meets the sea, is so wide and deep that ocean-going ships have navigated its waters and traveled as far inland as two-thirds the way up the entire length of the river.
Gee and it's the only place in the world where a plague of frogs is deadly, because just touching the local frogs is poisonous, and it had temple cities with venglefull kings (pharohs), this Mizraim, it's great river, streams and cannals.

See there is no "egypt" in The Bible, just as there is no "nile"; just Mizraim, north, and south with it's poisonous frogs, river, waterways and temple cities of vengefull kings....oh, and all the gold, silver and precious stones used to tell it's history, THAT ROME DESTROYED AS PAGAN, WHILE FIGHTING TO MAKE EGYPT AND ALL IT'S OCCULT RELICS, PRIME REAL ESTATE.

Shadow 12-13-2006 11:50 PM

Re: How Great is the Amazon River?
Did you know that AMAZON spelled backwards is NOZAMA and EGYPT spelled backwards is TPYGE.

If you were to go back and check some of the pre-biblical literature you will find an obscure Hamurabian prophesy about Nusama and Tipingie. I think you had beter read that before you continue on your quest.

true-lilly 12-14-2006 09:41 PM

Re: How Great is the Amazon River?

Shadow wrote:
Did you know that AMAZON spelled backwards is NOZAMA and EGYPT spelled backwards is TPYGE.

If you were to go back and check some of the pre-biblical literature you will find an obscure Hamurabian prophesy about Nusama and Tipingie. I think you had beter read that before you continue on your quest.
No, how about you make a case, against ALL of the points raised in the related threads, and not imply you've won a debate you haven't dared to enter, with your invitation to play Masonic letter shifting games.

I will never lower The Creator to being someone who only recently 'discovered' most of the WHOLE World He caused Scripture to be written about.

Line upon line, here a little there a little, while also studying His Whole creation, as He taught us, is how I search Scripture, not parroting the twisted stories of Anti-Christs that were plentifull enough during Christ's time and have only waxed greater ever since, and ignoring all the Scripture that proves "egypt" is the Opposers great Stumbling block.

"OO, all Satanic Occultists are into Egyptology, so they must be right about Lucifer being god.", is all but mainstream teaching these days, thanks to that "egypt" lie.

Shadow 12-15-2006 12:09 AM

Re: How Great is the Amazon River?
So I take it you never bothered to read the Hamurabian prophesies.

You have no credibility if you dismiss the oposite without bothering to read and understand. With knowledge can you only argue inteligently. You cannot.

Where exactly have you been brainwashed at?

Then again to you this is all a game so nothing matters, eh Barbarien?

true-lilly 12-15-2006 10:42 AM

Re: How Great is the Amazon River?
You mean this red herring I read and 'junk piled' decades ago?

The issue of 'borrowing' laws--did Moses somehow "copy" Hammurabi?
It has long been realized that the similarities between some of the Mosaic legislation and the Law Code of Hammurabi are striking. Hammi's law is dated around 1720 b.c.--before the advent of Moses. There are those who suggest that the Law of Moses is actually a mild type of plagiarism (instead of a divinely-given law), and seek to assert substantial dependence of Moses on prior law collections.

There are a number of points to be made here, although MOST of the issue of borrowing will be in the NEXT SECTION--specifically ON the subject of 'borrowing'.

1. Most parallels between Moses and Hammy are about crimes that we would expect to find legislation on IN MOST SOCIETIES (e.g. social crimes--murder, rape, kidnapping, adultery, eye-for-an-eye). And given, that the 'prior laws' in Hammi, that are cited as precursors to Moses' laws, show up THEMSELVES in OTHER legal codes, demonstrates that SIMILARITY does NOT entail 'derivation'. (In other words, the laws in Hammi ALSO occur in OTHER law codes that are in the same time period.)
2. Some of the laws in the Mosaic period have counterparts in the pre-Hammi Patriarchal period (e.g. Levirate relationships--Gen 38.8 on levirate family relationships). So some of the laws may have come INTO Egypt with Israel.
3. The DIFFERENCES in the laws, however, are most striking, esp. between Israel (e.g. Moses) and Babylonia (i.e. Hammurapi). The strongest difference is in the relative worth of human life. A comparison of the two legal collections shows that the H-code has a much higher severity for property-offenses, whereas the M-code has a much higher severity for homicide. (but more on this later)
4. And, of course, many of the cultic laws were ANTI-laws, aimed AGAINST the religion of Canaan--cf. esp. Lev 18,19. (Not so in the other law-collections.)

[It is very curious that we have no surviving legal codes from Egypt. It has been traditionally said that since the "pharaoh was god, no laws were written down--his word was law". But, quite frankly, I don't see how this could provide an adequate legal system for a nation of the size, scope, and complexity of Egypt of that time. There MUST have been some legal codes, dealing with partnerships, inheritance, etc--but we have not found any so far!]

The various legal codes of the ANE would probably have been accessible to Egypt, and in some cases, before the Israelites went into Egypt (Hittite laws). The periods in which Moses lived were considered to be the most 'cosmopolitan' in Egypt's history (Kitchen).

There is nothing in the text or historical context to require these laws to be late.
God's just law, existed from the beginning, but man's been corupting it since then too.

And if you think you can get all fields of science to agree on dating methods, archeological suppositions, on which the next supposistion, and the next, etc., are built on, go for it!
Then come back and fling around more "imaginings".

Shadow 12-15-2006 11:03 AM

Re: How Great is the Amazon River?
No, not quite that one but I must commend you for your effort.

Now, taking this further. What were the four great nations of the ancients?

Barbarien 12-15-2006 02:55 PM

Re: How Great is the Amazon River?
So I take it you never bothered to read the Hamurabian prophesies have you Shadow. Who is Shadow_?

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