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Fugitive 12-19-2006 02:34 PM

Democrat Party The True Axis o0f Evil Sleeper Cell!
The Democratic Party is a sexcret sleeper cell dedicated to destroying traditional families. Most of the leaders of it are Satanists and fellow travellers of occult circles.
Most people are deceived by their pandering to the hoi poloi. But do not be fooled! Their real plan is to advance the anti-family Satanic One World Government agenda.
It is well known by those in the know that Bill Clinton is a high level, well connected Satanic high priest who is the leader of Satanic covens in New York. Hillary is the high preistess of this secret coven, and it includes many membewrs of the Democratic Party.
Word on the occult grapevine is that they plan to offer Satan and his demons a huge sacrafice, in the hopes of sealing the Prince of Darknessess assistance in winning the coming presidential election. This usually means for such groups a human sacrafice, preferably of a child. Look for a large number of homeless people to come up "missing" and for cases of stolen children from hospitals.
I myself will try to find if their is an increase ofthe number of homeless found dead from violent means. It should be a real sign of this if the means was sadistic or extremely painful. The demons they will be invoking enjoy the psychic energy given off by slow, painful death.
Please note that Hitler did this as well. However, we know in the end Satan did not honor his side of the agreement. This leads me to beleive that Hilary and Bill Clinton will try their hardest through sacrafices and other means to more securely ensue the supernatural. malevolent assistancve of Satan and his demons.
Bill is known to be very advanced in sex magick. Look for him to have sex with a virgin or innocent. Hilary knows and agrees to the practice, as Bill practices a form of psychic vamparism drawing energy from his ravished victim.
Keep your eyes open folks!

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