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cuda 01-25-2007 05:59 PM

illuminati protocols/zionist protocols
Illuminati protocols

protocols of the learned elders of zion

If you want to all your self liberal and attack Christians you are a part of the NWO and do not even know it.OR DO YOU?

They are the same.

heres the protocols of the Jesuits.

Like I said the snake has three heads.

Liberals can be seen as the deification coming from the anal area.

Using you as nourishment to help build the body to maturity and then going to crap you out and flush you down the toilet.

Theres only two sides,Either gods side or Lucifer's.

If you are not on gods side,Guess what side you are on?There is no in between liberals GOD does not compromise and you are fools to think he will.

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