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truebeliever 04-04-2005 10:24 PM

Australian Parliament-Paedophiles Named!
Just caught it on the news.

The "speaker" of I think the Victorian state parliament has resigned after naming an M.P and 2 high ranking police officers as paedophiles.

Several other M.P's signed "statuatary declarations" to the affect also.

Whats most amazing is that the parliament has sought to suspend "parliamentary privelege" so a search warrent can be served on the speaker who named the paedophiles.

Get that! You serve a search warrent on the person making the allegations!

Why? So you can get the names of all the other people who know the truth. usually from a computer or other documentation.

I bet my life savings they are ALL Masons!

This will not go away.

May these scum be flushed out like shit from a blocked toilet.

To the Masons who review this site...your time is coming...the parties's the light? A little hard on the eyes eh?

DarkChilde3D 04-04-2005 11:41 PM

Re: Australian Parliament-Paedophiles Named!
Just for the record . . . I LOVE THE ENTHUSIASM!

DaddyLongLeg 04-05-2005 02:01 AM

Re: Australian Parliament-Paedophiles Named!
Hey TB

It was the speaker of the South Australian Parliment, Peter Lewis who made the allegation.

I agree, it is totally bizzare how the accuser is treated like the criminal.

This is mere speculation, but I think the South Australian Minister for Finance and Police, Kevin Foley may very well be one of the accused.

I'm leaning in this direction because I worked on his office upgrade about two years ago. I arrived at his office at 6am one Saturday morning to finish the job. When I arrived the streets were quiet and it was still dark. I went inside and started working. About half an hour later I went outside to go to my van and to my suprise someone had literally covered the outside of his office with fliers implicating high ranking police officers as paedaphiles. The fliers were quite explicit and seemed to have been written by someone who knew the victims or was one of the victims. The fliers also named one police officer and I can't remember clearly who it was, but it may very well have been Mal Hyde, the South Australian Police Comissioner.

I took one of the fliers down and took it inside with me to show the other guys when they arrived, which I'm glad I did, because when I went back outside about half an hour later every single one of them had been removed.

Just to add a little more to this, there also happens to be a Freemasons Lodge on the same street as Kevin Foley's office!


truebeliever 04-05-2005 02:35 AM

Re: Australian Parliament-Paedophiles Named!
Cool Daddy 'o!

C the power of the net! Who needs the CIA?

Information is power, ta muchly...even if you r a heathen... :-D

Da Masons r running..."run Mason run..." in you're best Forrest Gump.

I hate them. I absoloutly H-A-T-E them.

May God strike them down.

The lot of the little NWO freaks think they're going to get a free ride Down Under.

They're on their way DLL. Keep posting the good stuff.

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