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truebeliever 04-04-2005 11:13 PM

Mike Rivero-Stooge Or Idiot?
Many people here know Mike Rivero. The King of the cut and paste with a small wity comment at the bottom.

Mike wants to believe that people asking what his true motivations are, are the result of co-ordinated 'disinfo' agents hired to discredit him. Apparently because he single handedly warned of the fake Iraq intelligence and other such amazing feats of truth telling.

The fact that it might actually be people who are legitimately concerned as to his true motivations seems to pass him over.

I have refrained from commenting to much on him. I've always beleived that it's better to have him than not, whatever his political leanings.....thats L-E-F-T.

However, now that he's starting to focuss on the Peak Oil bullshit propagated by Ruppert, the gloves are off.

Mike Rivero clearly states on his website that he will post no "Letters advocating violence and revolution are not posted as a matter of policy".

Mike would want to take his own advice. He has repeatedly stated the last 6 months that it seems only a revoloution will change things. That 'snitches' should watch out after what happened when the East German Stasi files were got at by German civilians (what Mike? Bottoms smacked? What did you have in mind?). Also that the way Peruvians dealt with corrupt officials was good...and many more examples.

He continues to claim that "Global Warming" is completely bogus but has yet been unable to turn his immense intellect to the subject of the completely bogus "Peak Oil" scam.

He continues to froth at the mouth with delight with every dead, ignorent 19 year old American soldier. How many of us at 19 knew any different?

His complete undying love of Microsoft. One of the most criminal corporations ever created by government. Rife with backdoors giving NSA complete freedom to navigate your computer and with 7 NSA on M.S's board, Mike does'nt bat an eye. Find me ONE criticism of Microsoft? The hackers must be drawn and quatered...but not microsoft.

His absoloutly rude and arrogant treatment of anyone who disagree's with him. He was totally pulled apart, as was Joe Vialls on the Pentagon commercial jet fraud...strangely silent Mike? Your e-mails and posts on your site may want to be retracted and an apolagy given. Especially to Gerard Holmgren.

His refusal to EVER talk about Europes involvement with Saddam Hussain and his undying love for the U.N.

I'm just waiting for snaps of Rivero lunching with George Soros...after all Mike, Goeorge is in town teaching "democracy to Americans"..."money is no problem". Your qualifacations as Fabian Socialist are impeccable...i will write you a reference.

Rivero, you will no doubt be at the head of the cue of useful idiots as Americans are conned into realising only the U.N can save them from their Fascist selves.

The trap is set...the East coast blue bloods have struck. The heavy right has been the deft left will bring it home.

Rivero a stooge? No, useful idiot.

Draken 04-05-2005 02:24 AM

Re: Mike Rivero-Stooge Or Idiot?
Is not Rivero a self-confessed former Hollywood producer? I think I read that somewhere.

Anyway, without having followed the Rivero controversy in minute detail, if I take your word for it, true, it seems the deal is the same as with Ruppert: launched with the truth to give credibility and then a gradual shift from the truth; the start of mixing 98% truth with 2% lie, with the balance slowly evening out over a long period of time, so as to go unnoticed.

truebeliever 04-05-2005 02:30 AM

Re: Mike Rivero-Stooge Or Idiot?
I heard he was a NASA man...doing what?

Then i heard he was a CGI man...

How bout arrogant arsehole?

Draken 04-05-2005 02:39 AM

Re: Mike Rivero-Stooge Or Idiot?
Ahh, he's a plant.

All he ever writes about is all worldy, political intrigue, which in the long run doesn't lead anywhere. It's all distraction, like you say. I've realized I actually don't read so much on his site anymore. I don't have to. If anything big happens or if I need some background info on some topic I check his site, like I check Ruppert's site in regards to global drug dealing, that info is still good, genuine info in my opinion.

But I'm not so much interested anymore in CURRENT events, but more interested in PAST events; history, religion, in some respects but more restrictively philosophy and so on. I think the answer is more likely to be found within these fields than trying to make sense of current events and geopolitical intrigue; you can't, without the knowledge of the past.

truebeliever 04-05-2005 02:43 AM

Re: Mike Rivero-Stooge Or Idiot?
True. One of my favourite movie moments is on my site when Donald Sutherland say's to Kevin Costner..."Kings are killed Mr Garrison, it's as old as the crucifixion, politics is power, nothing more". It then cuts to the Lincoln memorial with the inscribed words..."study the past".

BvL 04-24-2005 11:12 AM

Re: Mike Rivero-Stooge Or Idiot?
I expect he is a bit of both. I have noticed some odd stuff to and his idea of blaming it on the Jews is a bit obsessive in my opinion. You know the NWO has at the top of its agenda the phasing out of Orthodox Judaism and Christianity so this guy is having a right old crack at it.

Really though there are so many people out there talking rubbish and doing the cut and paste thing. I switched off from it a long time ago when he was posting articles that were mostly using brainwashing techniques to cloud any logical thought. That I cannot stand and it puts me right off a site when they replicate lies.

Now the other thing that I have always thought about him is, how did he get into Hollywood in the first place. As I understand it they are a cliquey bunch of stooges and so he most likely has the background for being an employee of the intelligence services. Antony Sutton once remarked that he found he got a lot of criticism from popular media 'conspiracy theorists'; odd that!

nohope187 04-24-2005 01:32 PM

Re: Mike Rivero-Stooge Or Idiot?
both! :-P

truebeliever 04-24-2005 07:34 PM

Re: Mike Rivero-Stooge Or Idiot?
In the end my biggest problem with Rivero came when I stated in an e-mail..."I have no problem with copying music. The lazy little coke snorting swine can tour for a living and work like everyone else"...

At this I got the reply..."thank you for using your real e-mail address. I have forwarded your details to the relevent authorities."...EXACT WORDS.

I kid you not.

The guy is a complete twat.

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