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w102pdc 04-06-2005 09:48 AM

Magicians of Mutability Parts 6-9
Magicians of Mutability - Part 6
Summary: Authors Phillip and Paul Collins discuss Cecil Rhodes, the doctrine of Transformism, Gnostic Techno-Eugenics, and more.;

Magicians of Mutability - Part 7
Summary: Paul Collins discusses Authoritarian Hierarchicalization and the
psychology of Abu Ghraib.;

Magicians of Mutability - Part 8
Summary: The Elite Supremacy Doctrine, Acceptability of Torture, The "New Warrior," Constant Conflict, and Trotskyite Neocons.;

Magicians of Mutability - Part 9
Summary: Discussion of the centrality of war to evolution, Report from Iron Mountain, the Sino-Russian Alliance, true alchemy, and the transformation of Man to God.;

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