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Fugitive 03-13-2007 07:42 PM

Hillary Clinton is a Wicked, Evil Women!!
Hilary Clinton is an evil vile women. She most certainly is not a Christian woman.
My information indicates she intends to establish a lascivious matriarchy of evil, sinful women. My sources say that she intends to push her radical anti- God agenda on us men.
Hilary Clinton, go back to the kitchen you evil woman! You belong in the kitchen cooking dinner and serving drinks to your man and having babies!
If you were meant to rule the world , why is it, o wicked whores, that God is a Man? Men are your natural masters and beleive me, you vile trollips, we don't want you becoming the sluts of the evil sinners you associate
eve proved how easily the female sex is led into sin.
According to God's law, Hillary Clinton should be STONED!!!
Go back to the kitchen, you horrible sinful hag !! Voting for Hillary is voting for Satan!!

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