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truebeliever 05-18-2007 10:51 PM

Video - Pope Declares One World Religion

Pope Declares One World Religion

Pope John Paul II shows just who he worships.

This same man called the Talmudic Rabbi's..."elder brothers in the faith".

The same clan that killed Christ. The people who claim Christians (Minnem) must be killed at every oppurtunity in their Holy Books the Talmud and Kabbahla.

What the hell was the Pope smokin? Did he nab that American Indian Cheifs peace pipe when the camera's panned away?

The Vatican was infiltrated by "Marano Jews" outta Spain who turned the Church into Jewish Mystical Kabbahla for Gentiles. They started "The Jesuits". They own Adam Weishaupt - paid hack of Rothschild who started the "Illuminati".

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