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seeker333 06-25-2007 05:53 AM

expert team

I discovered something interesting that I would like to share with you.
It concerns a team of scientists that is presenting itself in a forum.
The history is explained in an introduction on the frontpage. This thread serves
only for information because I was impressed from this forum and I think its worth
having a look at it. The site is still growing but in a very short time it will
develop into something large for sure. Everone can post questions on this platform
that will be answered by the team. If you look at the list of the team and their
respective field of practice, there is no question that you cannot ask.

List of the team

Short Part of the Text on the Frontpage

...The team of scientists decided together to at least try and clear the internet
a little from all the stupidities and beliefs that are spread on it. That is why
we are opening this forum today to try and provide a platform where serious things
can be discussed. The goal is to protect the knowledge and rid the beliefs from any toxicity.
Here in this forum we will answer all your questions and try and open people’s minds about
all the things that are forbidden to know about on this planet. The research we carried out
on the discovery was so huge, that we needed a very large team of experts on nearly every
imaginable topic...

redrat11 06-25-2007 11:17 AM

Re: expert team

BlueAngel wrote:
If they're experts in their field of study, why do they remain anonymous?

Surely, they must be known. One claims to have written two books.

So, why the hiding?

I can't imagine asking questions of anonymous individuals who claim to be experts in their field of study.

For all we know, the answers could be supplied form a computer generated program.
Your anonymous.

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