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BlueAngel 09-18-2007 08:11 AM

University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech
I can't find the article or the video but I just watched the report on CNN.

The student refused to give up the microphone after about three minutes.

Did my eyes deceive me in the video they played while the student was screaming don't taser me and screaming after they did?

Were these university police officres wearing black face masks with eye and mouth cut-outs?

If you find the video, please post it here.


Jimbo 09-18-2007 09:32 AM

Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech st=0&vf=all&vm=p&fl=0&p=Student+Tasered+Kerry+Spee ch+video

UnFucking believable !!!

BlueAngel 09-18-2007 09:56 AM

Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech
Thanks for the video.


All I can say is this.

When I saw the clip on CCN, it didn't show students around the man being tasered.

The picture was darker.

My eyes must have deceived me, because I thought I saw a man in a black ski mask.

As the student is yelling, what did I do, what did KERRY DO????


Kerry stood at the podium while this student was being tasered for asking a question.

Talk about free speech!!

Tasered for asking a question.

Apparently, Kerry has something to hide.

He would rather a student be arrested and tasered than answer the question.

Kerry, Skull and Bones member, presidential candidate, United State's Senator, stood idly by babbling and allowed this to take place.

He condones this type of "police state."

He condones suppression of freedom of speech.

He condones violence in order to protect his membership in Skull and Bones.

Jimbo 09-18-2007 09:59 AM

Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech
It gets worse. Check these out, specially the 2nd one, from the Alex Jones site...

Leftist Blogs Defend Police Brutality In Student Tazering

BlueAngel 09-18-2007 10:13 AM

Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech
This is just awful.

This student was arrested for exercising his Freedom of Speech.

This is Unconstitutional.

As has been described, the student was on the ground and the thrill of torturing him with jolts of electricity while he posed no threat of direct physical harm or violence to anyone in that auditorium seems to be the motivating factor behind these NWO thugs who suppress Freedom of Speech.

They brought him to his knees, screaming and begging for them not to taser him.

He was subdued. Yet they shocked him.

This is how "sadistic pigs" get their kicks.

This STUDENT posed no threat to himself or anyone else inside the auditorium.

The only threat he posed was exposing Kerry's membership in the secret society, Skull and Bones.

YET, he was arrested for asking a question.

A question!

The student asked a question!

Senator Kerry, you have shown your true colors.

You are not for the people, of the people and by the people.

You are for police brutality and the suppression of Free Speech.

You represent all that the NWO is ushering into America.

You are a NWO operative and a disgusting pig.

George_Bush 09-18-2007 10:30 AM

Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech
Repercussions are in order.

Jimbo 09-18-2007 11:50 AM

Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech
Quite a few years ago I had just gotten up, & back then I used to take a jog in the mornings before showering & going off to work. It was better than coffee. Anyhow, I crossed the bushes bordering the parking area of the apartment complex where I used to live. As I crossed the bushes, some guy dressed in dark blue, almost black pants, tee-shirt, belt, guns, the whole thing, grabbed me by my elbow w/ his hand & a hand grip around the elbow. I wasn’t expecting that, but after a quick look at the guy, he did look like a cop so I didn’t do anything, or resist in any way, shape or form. I felt that, had I even pulled slightly my arm away from his grip, that would have been it. He would have used his “power” granted by the state to throw me, beat me, & abuse me any way he chose, & I would have not been able to do anything w/o an unfair legal confrontation. Since he did not hit me or hurt me, at this point, I just followed him, as he was leading me by his grip. He brought me over to his police car, which was parked across the street. Told me to place both hands on top of the roof of the car. He pushed my legs apart by giving them a light kick w/ his foot. Yes offensive, but yet, I had not been hurt in any way. He padded me down, searching for weapons. While I was left in this position for about 10 minutes (or so in my mind), he asked me for my name & address (I didn’t have an ID on me), which they checked on their radio. After the 10 minutes had elapsed, he said that I was free to go. I asked why I had been detained, & he said that there had been reports of someone smashing car’s windshields in the mornings & they were just checking out the scene. According to them, I did not meet the description (thank God). So they let me go. I started jogging & as I turned left & towards where I normally used to go jogging, down the street, there were, I think, at least 5 police cars all lined up down the street, down the same path I was taking. As I jogged by, I saw each & everyone, there outside of their cars. I didn’t say anything, just kept going. I had been “temporarily detained”, which is technically an “arrest”. After that, in different occasions, years latter, & for other reasons I am not going to describe here, it happened again.

Now my point is that, although I do believe in our rights, as granted by our precious Constitution, I know those same rights had been violated when I had been illegally detained. The officer committed “multiple felonies”, by falsifying evidence to have me arrested for something other than the fake crimes he mocked & used, to pull me over & (illegally) justify the stop (if that makes any sense). However, since the stop was illegal, & thus fabricated, my case should have been thrown out of court, & then again, should have never happened. But no, the judge doesn’t care either. They actually encourage the cops to violate our rights, hoping that the majority of us does not have the time, money, & resources to waste in their system. Just “pay up” & “shut up”. So they get away w/ it. Each & every day. It’s called “organized crime”.

We don’t live in a free or even fair society any longer. I am not sure if we ever did. Our rights are being violated each & every day. Those that are sworn in to abide by the Constitution, don’t.

If you are going to challenge the establishment by asking questions reporters don’t even dare to ask, be ready for what’s coming to you. The second they grab you, you are under “arrest”, even if it temporary. If you don’t comply in any way, they call that “resisting arrest”, & now you are under a new & completely different set of rules. If you do decide to “resist arrest” you’d better be ready for all of the consequences, both physically & legally coming your way.

If I would have been in that audience, I would have stood up walked out. If most students, those offended by what happened, would have left & emptied out the auditorium, that would have sent a strong message.

Re: Collapse Of US As A Super-Power - Post #7
Standing Up For Freedom - This Is Serious...

Had he not resisted, & followed them, perhaps he would have been released, which is a much better outcome, at least on the surface, than to be thrown around, tasered, & thrown in jail, as it happened to him.

This is not about physical power, it is about the “legal power” of the establishment. The 2 forces are not equal. A good example, look at “Alex Jones” recent arrest. “He did not resist”. Otherwise he would be right now in so much legal & thus financial trouble he would not be of any help to anyone, not even himself. (Alex, if you are reading this, correct me if I am wrong).

One time, in a previous job, some guy that had worked for the government before, he did actually serve for some branch of the armed forces, told me, “Dude, if you are going to fight them, you have to fight them by “their own rules”. Otherwise, you are always going to loose – period”.

First we have to change the rules by which they control us. If the Constitution was obeyed, things like this would never happen. Like Ron Paul says, “just a healthy respect for the 2nd Amendment” would do wonders.

The reason they don’t obey the Constitution & get away w/ it is what we need to immediately & w/o delay look into.

Why is our country no longer a Republic, & why is our Constitution, no longer the law our government abides by? Why aren’t them, the real criminals, prosecuted to the full extent of the law? Why is it that no one enforces the Constitution? Have you noticed that? Perhaps, those in positions of power, & w/ the power trusted in them to enforce this power, are all “secretly” following the commands of a “secret order”, where agendas are established “in secret”, orders are issued “in secret”, & their laws are “sealed in secret”. That would explain why “secret societies’ are so, so important to them.

Whenever they have a public discussion, you can be assured, it is nothing but a “dog & pony show” for us to consume. The best politicians have been those who have been able to amuse us, for the longest periods, & have managed to keep us believing they were actually doing something for us. Which in fact they haven’t. They were just working on their “secret” agendas, we didn’t know anything about. Look at all of the world trade agreements that have been & are continued to be done & sealed in complete “secrecy”.

They don’t even talk to us. They talk to themselves. Pay attention next time anyone of them gives a speech, & notice this.

One thing is clear to me. The attorneys write laws to protect the government from the population. Law enforcement is only there to protect them, their schemes, & their “secret agendas”. When government officials, if ever, use the phrase “we the people” (except JFK, Martin Luther King, etc., which were assassinated), what they really mean is, “We The Elite” – they are not talking about us. Everything is about them, their control, their power, their wealth, & their destiny. We are not part of their equation, at least not yet.

BlueAngel 09-18-2007 12:01 PM

Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech
Excerpt from Jimbo's post:

"They actually encourage the cops to violate our rights, hoping that the majority of us does not have the time, money, & resources to waste in their system. Just “pay up” & “shut up”. So they get away w/ it. Each & every day. It’s called “organized crime”."

They also wage a campaign against juveniles to get them caught up in the system at a very young age.

It's like a spider's web.

Once in it, it's very difficult to get out.

Same for those who are less fortunate and the African American population.

You are right, Jimbo.

If the student had just walked away with the campus police, perhaps he would not have been tasered and/or arrested.

But, in any event, FREEDOM OF SPEECH was suppressed.

BlueAngel 09-18-2007 05:30 PM

Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech
The student was arrested for INCITING A RIOT.

The only people rioting were the campus thugs. Rioting all over the student.

John Kerry, one of our Congressmen, a Skull and Bones member of a secret society, an elitist, stood on the stage and watched as these NWO thugs tasered the student.

John Kerry, a member of Congress who is elected to honor the Constitution and protect our freedoms such as free speech, had an opportunity to speak loudly into the microphone he was holding and tell the NWO thugs to get their hands off of the student.

John Kerry allowed Freedom of Speech to be stifled in order to protect himself from answering the question about his membership and Bush's membership in Skull and Bones.

What did John Kerry do?

John Kerry continued to speak quietly into the microphone answering in part some of the student's questions about the 2004 election while he was being manhandled by the NWO thugs.

As if anyone was paying attention to what John Kerry was saying.

The NWO thugs placed their hands on the student as soon as he finished asking his question about Skull and Bones.

Is this what they're trained to recognize?

Our immoral politicians walk this world freely, further incarcerating us in Prison World.

To protect, honor and defend the Constitution.

I do solemnly swear.

In Peace,

BlueAngel 09-18-2007 07:06 PM

Re: University Student Tasered During Kerry Speech
Clearly, the thugs should have used taser on Kerry for speaking lies for nearly two hours.

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