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shadowmom 10-22-2007 04:37 PM

Bill Maher: Gatekeeper or Coward?
Bill Maher: Gatekeeper or Coward?

Soon after 9/11, Bill Maher lost his job on mainstream television for his remark about the relative cowardice of the alleged hijackers. I have to believe that he’s been warned that any further discussion of 9/11 that does not follow the official Bush/PNAC line will mean the end of his career. It seems that Bill Maher, like so many others, has his price.’

Maher is a comedian who hosts a weekly show on HBO that includes commentary and discussion about relevant political topics. He has no qualms about broaching very controversial matters and is an equal opportunity host to people across the political spectrum who apparently may discuss any issue OTHER THAN 9/11.

Bill Maher has unequivocally labeled as fools all people who raise any questions about the official story of 9/11. He has made his own acceptance of the Bush/PNAC line the last word on the topic. Anyone who would dare to differ is an idiot. Period.

Maher’s histrionics this past Saturday night - running into the audience to personally oust a non violent, albeit somewhat disruptive 9/11 protester - was one for the record books. It seems that he will talk to anyone, no matter how extreme or controversial, from Ann Coulter on, but has zero tolerance for anyone who questions the official explanation of what caused the towers to collapse.

Maher went so far as to say that on this single topic, of all the controversial outrages of this administration… on this ONE topic, he agrees with George Bush. Those were his exact words. Strange, but I don’t recall the President ever offering an explanation of how the towers came down in an averge of ten seconds. Maybe Maher had a private audience at the White House and knows something the rest of us do not. Sure.

You have to wonder why he would totally close the door to any possible discussion of the one event that made all the other horrors possible. Duh….

More in full article:

Jimbo 10-23-2007 03:35 PM

Re: Bill Maher: Gatekeeper or Coward?
Highly Paid “Coward” - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Highly Paid Coward. And the funny thing is that, if you see the videos they were showing in the background when he was talking about the (according to him) “ridiculous allegations” from “911 Truthers” – that the TWC buildings (all 3 of them) came down due to “Controlled Demolitions”, all of the footage looks the same, whether “controlled demolitions” or “WTC buildings on 911”.

Where is the “Inferno” they are talking about? Just a few floors of mostly ”deprived-of-oxygen black smoke”. The few flames that were there disappeared immediately, as the building started coming down at a speed faster than gravitational “free-fall”. Which means, (from a “physics” point of view) there was “no resistance” – in other words, the building itself, w/ all of it walls, steel beams, concrete, furniture, elevators, pipes, & more steel beams, provided “0”, “zero”, “zilch”, “nada”, “no resistance” whatsoever. Exactly what you’d expect from a “controlled demolition”.

7 CIA Veterans Challenge Official 911 Report

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"... An “Informed Citizen” makes a good “Patriot.”

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