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marypopinz 01-02-2005 08:27 AM

Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint

I have just registered a formal complaint
to Henry Makow about your behavior here.
If Henry had the time to go through ALL the
comments you have made to me then he could see what type of character you have.


marypopinz 01-02-2005 08:29 AM

Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint
I laughed, so I thought I'd share.


Daniel 01-02-2005 08:51 AM

Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint

Just wanted to say how I love it when you tell loony Boo. That puts a smile on my face!

Thank you.

rushdoony 01-02-2005 09:17 AM

Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint
You know you are in a lot of trouble from your history of an extraordinary number of abusive posts to myself and others on the clubconspiracy website. Anybody can see that you are now trying to furiously backpedal and "spin".
I am also upset how you treated that nice, intelligent woman "lynns_shadow" so that she had to write this about you:

I can speak for myself, and for Christians, and about being a Christian, and Jesus,

you can’t speak for me.

What you’ve said about yourself says volumes, unfortunately, by saying not a word about yourself, but me. Me, who you do not know and know nothing about. I, on the other hand, can share from the perspective of who (Jesus Christ) and what (Christians and myself ) I do know.

You Mary, are looking to talk on and on and on, quite erroneously, about who (me) and what (me and Christians) you, clearly, don’t know about.

When you come out of your state mary, perhaps we can talk. ‘Til then, and in the meantime, when it comes to these topics, respectfully, you know nothing.

Why? Because, you don’t know about me, and you don’t know about we Christians, you’re not one.

P.S. I mean it about “state” Mary, you sound a bit stressed there hon.

And as for all your personal insults of me, that’s all they are, catty female insults.

A lot of women talk this way out of envy, and/or when they really have not much knowledge on a topic. Often it is a byproduct of ego frustration or hormones.

Seems if you can’t be the gal in focus in the room you’ve got to cut down the one who is at that moment, huh mary? How sad..

Stick to what you may know of mary, if you do, stick to that and be kind and positive. That seems to be your strength and forte',in looking to see your best.. You know nothing of me or this topic. It is clear.

And please don’t address me anymore, mary.

I’ve found your approach, and your comments to me, only replies that are out-of-turn, as I am always addressing OTHERS when you reply.

Also, your replies to me have been nothing BUT putdowns of me personally, or Christians in general. Catty is never a pretty piece in a woman’s wardrobe Mary. You ought to buy a new one.It is never attractive ;- )

One more thing Mary.

Ignorance is not “hate” but ignorance, and “hate” is not ignorance it is “hate”.

Since you seem to display both in such liberal amounts towards both me and Christians, I am surprised you don’t know the meanings better.

I am, here, as I understand, free to defend my faith, and mention who I think or feel is not defining my faith.

The faith I define is not "mutually exclusive", but how the vast majority of Christians see things.

That's just a fact :)

The fact that you must personally attack me for that, speaks more about you personally and your ways Mary, than anything else.

I think you ought to find another to bully Mary. All your words about “judging” to me only end up judging you.

to you too hon.

marypopinz 01-02-2005 10:19 AM

Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint
Actually, Rushie, I read as far as you mentioning Lynn, and I could be mistaken, and...

I believe we have made peace, of a sort.

I actually agree with most things she says, bar her judging non-christian humanity to hell viewpoint and that is what makes her posts, as opposed to yours, more interesting and enlightening to read. I, myself, am guilty of judging others, so who am I, to judge Lynn?

What I like about Lynn, is she does speak from her heart. She has a genuine faith. That comes through loud and clear. A shame more of us could not be so convicted to what we believe.

Lynn says what she believes, please or offend and her responses are now direct and to her point - minus the venom. I admire that. She says what she means and she obviously cares or she would say nothing. That also comes through loud and clear.

In my mind, I don't have to agree with her on everything as I value understanding people's perspectives... it aids me into understanding my own thoughts and feelings better.

So wine on, my dear. I still read what Lynn posts, from beginning to end, whereas I skim over yours as it's usually a repeat performance, of something you have already typed, or someone else's theories, as opposed to your own original thought.

Rant on, my dear. It does amuse me.


P.S. I just went back and read your post, or shall I say Lynn's comments. Bully for her, she is more of a man than you. And she is obviously a woman. You had to use her words to defend yourself?

The word jackass comes to my mind.

Hiding behind's Lynn apron strings, are we? Have an original thought duckie? Trying to stir up the coals? Give me a break.

Boo hoo hoo
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :-x

rushdoony 01-02-2005 11:36 AM

Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint
So Mary, then you mean the following comments by another member about your abusive character are no longer true? I'm so glad to hear that.
Well Mary, this, above, is you..

That's fine.

As I said forgiveness does not mean we are to so much like a person or be interested in their friendship or what they have to say, or like their way of being.

Though I do forgive your crude and unkind talk and behavior towards me here Mary, henceforth I have no interest whatsoever in talking to you or about you anymore, in anyway.

I won't go on with my insights or opinions about you or how I find you to be or not.

I will simply say, I find you, your words, your spirit, and your conduct in general, and about me specifically here, as well as your comments about we Christians, calavier, callous, and only set to make yourself the center of attention, for better or worse, and I've seen no "better".

I don't have to explain my time here, my hours or my life to you. Nor anyone here.

For the future, your comments to or about me, will remain sufficient for all the world to see, in this forum, as the bitter, unkind things they are. Again, no more no less.

I wish no more dialogue with the "like" of YOU.

As I said before, your words here talk more about you than a million I could ever produce.

You will no longer be a source of my attention or dialogue here, Mary.

I suppose you'll have to find someone else to spitefully dump on and pick on and make a target of your silly, senseless, and cruel, bitter diatribes.

My apology, for any of those original words that hurt, stands.

I don't expct one from you, and I should think it would only be a synthetic one to make you feel better about yourself in a crowd. For me it was and is sincere. But you can add this post to it, to be fair to all.

I won't have any part of you anymore on here Mary.

I do not like your style, or way of speaking.

I find you to be harping on a thing all night long and milking an issue just to try to keep a semblence of "dignity" here.

Take your dog-like behavior to some other place or person marypopinz.

I am a woman and a human being. Not your lamppost or firehydrant, where you may freely "poop" out all your sordid ..longwindied and unkind egosim on me.
What is essential is invisible to the eye..

marypopinz 01-02-2005 02:45 PM

Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint
I am quite at peace with the past, my friend.

I don't feel any resentment or animosity towards Lynn whatsoever. And nothing you can try to do will change that. I think she is quite clever in a lot of her thinking.

Carry on chum.

That does not mean to say that I agree with everything that Lynn says. I am certain we are both adult enough to agree to disagree on various issues or matters of difference.

Carry on chum.

As I stated earlier - sorry for the repitition folks - "Loonie, you do amuse me," with your posts and your tactics. Rather transparent in your intentions, I'd say."


rushdoony 01-02-2005 03:00 PM

Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint
Mary, how can you be at peace with the scores of mean,insensitive, callous and cruel remarks you have made to myself, lynn and others?
Like this one you wrote:
Wah wah... you said you weren't gonna bite and you went on for two posts.

wah wah wah.

Get a life Lynn. I'll tell you the same thing I told Mushy boy. Don't dish it out if ya can't take it and stop your whining, ya old cow.

And you can stick YOUR rules up YOUR ass
You think you can SUGGEST or TELL me what to do, or anyone else on this forum for that matter? I am laughing my ass off now. You are funny, for sure, enetertaining to say the least.

Good luck chum. Better men have tried and bigger bitches have fallen. Your rules... that was funny. Maybe I should have read... but just the thought was enough to send me rolling in laughter.

Peace XXX


That was a lot of "evil" from your heart and your keys, "lady"... once again... re-read your posts. I think your glass house just shattered.

marypopinz 01-02-2005 08:49 PM

Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint


Do you have an original thought in that head of yours and will you please type it out as it is rather wearisome re-reading posts, that have already been posted before.

Move on chum and be creative, please, in your comments to myself - I find it more entertaining.

You have used Lynn's words, my words, lots of other poeple's words - how about your own words, duckie? P.S. What do all those "T"'s mean?

Looks like, the webmaster hasn't seen fit to remove me or you or Lynn from this forum, as of yet. Keep praying... someone may answer you, wave their magic wand, and all traces of me will be removed from this forum.Is that your wish? Did I guess right?

Good luck. Keep trying Rushie.

We're all cheering you on. This forum would not be the same without you. You'll get there, one day. God Bless and keep smiling, sunshine!


N.B. If YOU are complaining about me... why are you playing the role of Lynn's knight in shining armour? I am certain she is more than capable enough of standing up to me or anyone here. I'm sure she would complain, if she felt the need. I'm sure she would tell me straight, as that appears to be her nature from the original text, created from her own thoughts. She appears to shoot from the hip. That also does not mean I agree with her reasoning.

You, on the other hand...I think you are a little shit disturber. That is my opinion. What goes around comes around duckie and shit doesn't look so good when its coming, head on.

Was that little last post of yours trying to egg her on to your defence? Can't you fight your own battles? A typical bully, is what you resemble on this forum, in my mind. You are fine as long as everyone agrees with you but let someone challenge your little thoughts and its on the aggressive offensive you go - wah, wah, wahing all the way.

Sooky baby.

This thread should be renamed "understanding NWO tactics C/O the Canadian Loonie: Rushie-boy". I am more than woman enough to take it and YOU, picked on the wrong woman.

rushdoony 01-02-2005 09:18 PM

Re: Headline: Rushdoony registers a formal complaint
Unfortunately the kind, intelligent and well educated lynns_shadow has decided to leave the website because someone was always making uncalled-for and abusive comments to her.
( those T's just act as a dividing line )

Mary wrote about lynn:

Lynn: Good - piss off.
I'm fed up being nice to idiots.

I come here to challenge what I have been taught to believe. Sometimes I challenge other people to question what they believe too. And in your case, you being a woman, supposedly, (I don't know who is typing behind your little love notes) I am so sick and tired of the few select christians trying to tell everyone alse they are going to hell.

Lady, that kind of attitude ain't gonna get you, or your kind, very far in life.

People like you can kiss my ass. I don't like your kind.


I believe the future is gonna be bright... somewhere down the road... when the truth comes to light. Peace.

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