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sh200kr 11-19-2007 09:49 PM

Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.
According to Paul Craig Robert, former assistant secretary of treasury, one of scenario in 2008 is that there is going to be 9/11 type terrorist attack in U.S. soil and Bush declares Martial Law.

What do you guys think about this?

Is it possible?

It is also interesting to note that today home land security advisor quit.

This may indicate that within Bush circle there may be a friction on future planning.

We know and I am sure many of you guys would agree U.S. IS GOING TO attack Iran.

To do this Bush regime probably needs pretext for going war.

Like always they may create pretext.

I really want to hear what your thoughts are.

Thanks a lot!

BlueAngel 11-20-2007 06:59 AM

Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.
Another terrorist attack and martial law would be the only way to keep the criminals from being prosecuted.

During the presidential election to keep Bush and Company in power, would be the best time for this scenario.

If you believe Colin Powell, he said last night there will be no invasion of Iran.

It's an on again, off again threat with everyone weighing in. Powell is not within the administration, but can be considered a player.

canadianguy 11-25-2007 10:58 AM

Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.
i definatly agree with sh200kr. most likely it will be an attack of a major shipping port. and like usual the owner's of the shipping company will have forknowledge and take out massive insurance policies weeks before the attack. if martial law is called, i would like to see what the rest of the world is going to do. i want to see what my government does. sh200kr your theory is widley accepted in my community, believe it or not not everyone has been brainwashed here. lol

Barbara 11-25-2007 01:48 PM

Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.
This is intended as just food for thought.

For well over a year, more like two, we have lived under the fear of another 9/11 here on American soil to usher in Martial Law. While they had us looking in that direction, the roof fell in when the housing bubble burst which has thrown us into a financial panic that is one of the causes one of Bush's Executive Orders said could be used to initiate Martial Law. The worst of that scenario is yet to come; right now they are scrambling to make sure the "big boys" don't lose their shirts and that the "little guys" have to bear the brunt of their avarice.. There is one more shoe left to drop, the credit card debt bomb. The American economy will come down like the Twin Towers with this one.

During this same period of time, many of us have been virtually holding our breath in fear of a nuclear (or otherwise) strike on Iran and all that will entail. The administration has kept the fear level high by intimating that the attack could come any time; the Fifth Fleet moves offshore in the Persian Gulf, Bush "surges" while Israel bombs empty buildings (?) in Syria in a mock run at Iran. All the while lots of rhetoric and bombastic propaganda to keep this country's nerves on edge.

What both these scenarios amount to is "terror on the cheap." We are kept terrorized and distracted while the money keeps being bilked out of Congress and charged to our grandchildren for Bush's wars and the repressive laws keep flowing from Capital Hill that result in a state of Martial Law existing without it ever having to be declared..

Our police departments, sheriff's departments, highway patrol, etc., have received Blackwater military training and Homeland Security weapons which they are using against us, resulting in many civilian deaths, over 200 just from tasers alone. You've read the horror stories.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights is in shreds, no habeas corpus, but still we wait for the "boss" to declare Martial Law! What will be the difference? THIS IS CALLED GRADUALISM, the "boiling of the frog." Put a frog in a pot of cold water and gradually turn up the heat; by the time the frog realizes what is happening, it is too late. The heat has weakened him so that he cannot jump out and then they clamp down the lid. This is exactly what is happening today. We're waiting for some definitive action on the part of the government before we act to protect ourselves.

Do you have someplace to go to get out of the cities? Is there canned food for up to a year and a clean water source? From one week to the next the grocer's shelves could empty, causing panic and the start of roving gangs that don't want your worthless money, they will be looking for food. Do you have a baseball bat, a pitchfork, a gun (preferably unregistered0, or better yet, a shotgun and lots of ammo, with which to protect yourself and your family?

From past experience, if you call 911 you will be put on hold or get a busy signal. Do you know your neighbors? What will they do in a time of crisis? Are they awake and aware of what is going on?

The day after Thanksgiving, American shoppers went ballistic and finished maxing out their credit cards in preparation for Christmas, buying poisoned toys and cheap knock-offs from China. Didn't our glorious leader tell us last time there was a danger of recession to GO SHOPPING? Most of those maxed-out cards carry an interest rate of 29+% and the bills come due in 30 days.

Will the American gulags built by KBR and paid for by our tax dollars become debtor prisons where Big Pharma slowly pays on your debts while you and your children are used as lab rats? Besides water-boarding, what do you think has been going on at Gitmo and other secret sites all these years? Free lab rats!!! The military will know first hand what works and be the best customers of Big Pharma. Sweet.

There's more, so much more, but most will not listen. Like I said, this is just food for thought.

Jimbo 11-25-2007 03:18 PM

Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.
Next False Flag Attack on The Homeland - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Barbara, I couldn’t agree more w/ everything you said. We are in the “boiler” already. I have read some of the articles going around & listened to the Alex Jones’ Internet radio show ( Alex Jones – GCN Radio – need Real Player) which plays his daily show all day long around the clock & also during the weekend. He has had some very interesting guests including recently Ron Paul himself. Another guest, Alan Watt - – he has also daily radio shows in Media Player MP3 – look for ***LISTEN / DOWNLOAD for the links. There seems to be some new information corroborated by 1 of Alex Jones’ guest & 2 personal military contacts of his guest & they claim that by this time next year the US is going to be in an unrecognizable state because they claim, the shadowgov is up to something. As if something big is going to happen in the coming year.

From the Zionist Protocols perspective, the debasing of the US is already underway. The fact that bringing down our economy & super power status (which I read about at least 5 years ago) was a prerequisite for World Gov (WG) is already on its way. Also the weakening of our military which was also called for, its already underway. See how now Black-Water is emerging as a privatized & shadow military w/ airports, aircraft, & the whole 9 yards. All of the financial systems are collapsing one after another. The Credit market is next. I think that in order to guarantee its demise, as a working system, they are puncturing its infrastructure at multiple points. That’s already underway. Have you noticed how our highways are not being maintained as they used to?

How it is going to happen, I am sure they have multiple plans, & perhaps the plan might be to have multiple grand failures at the same time as to guarantee both chaos & a good excuse for needing the military & thus be able declare martial law. And not only chaos but our system might come onto a screeching halt. I know that our men & women in uniform know how to defend us from a foreign enemy, but have they ever been trained, or do they know how to & have the intuition that is needed to be able to identify & fight an enemy that is not outside, but inside. Obviously we are not their enemy, but we are their prey.

I read the article that made a great analysis on the recent episode in where 6 nukes were erroneously mounted on a B-52 & it was advertised to the nation as somewhat of a big mistake. But if you read the article you’d realize it was a very-high level operation gone wrong & so, people got killed, people got punished, people were suspended, & people were moved & spread over to other locations across the nation – damage control. Remember how in 911 nobody go fired or reprimanded & everyone got promoted, but here everyone was castigated one way or another. So what does that tell us, but 1 operation went well, everyone got promoted, & the other went bad, & so each got the punishment they deserved for their inability to obey orders. Well, as far as I know, & according to the article, there is still 1 missing nuke. And they have plenty of them in their bases all over Europe & in the Gulf, & so where is this one going for? What is the plan for that one? Who is in command of our dirt-black-ops?

Its going to take a miracle for everything to go as if nothing bad was ever going to happen, & I hope & pray that nothing bad happens, & that the real perpetrators are stopped, removed from their offices, arrested, & treated w/ their same laws, & given their respective due punishments. But everything seems to indicate otherwise. However, if the right people that are in positions of power, that have the ability to do what is necessary & required of them, & in the moment that is required, do the right thing, then we could all go back to normal & try & salvage the rest of our country, the Republic, & the Constitution that allowed it to be once a nation where people could work, be prosperous & dream of a future where their kids could do the same.

The good news is that “we The People” can still salvage it. And those that have been doing bad & repent & start doing good instead will be forgiven, not only by us, but by their Creator.

I’ll come back w/ more later.

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"... An “Informed Citizen” makes a good “Patriot.”

Barbara 11-25-2007 06:54 PM

Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.
That whole incident with the 6 nukes (1 now missing) from Minot was fascinating, A guy named (Major?) Fawcett also went missing about that time in a small plane and as far as I know has not been found. Could he be "babysitting" the missing nuke? Since so much death and demotion went along with this incident, I would say it was not part of the grand plan; perhaps some of those involved found their conscience and decided to try to do something to screw with the big plans. That sixth nuke could serve as blackmail if whoever has it knows where the shadow government has their offices or residences or their hidden cache of gold, even.

Jimbo, where our service men and women are concerned, they will not be here. We have over 250,000 people in uniform but they are stationed all around the world, not by accident. They have grabbed up the national guard and even the border patrol to go and serve in Iraq and Afghanistan. Once there, even for a short amount of time, they are "dead men/women walking." That is not by accident either. Deaths, dismemberment, brain damage, suicides - the toll on this generation of young people is horrendous. Many who return get sick and become disabled within a short time from the DU exposure. Their spouses, children and future offspring are at risk from the DU in their clothes and in their bodies.

Recall, the Elite want only a small fraction of the present population for their NWO. The only weapon in their arsenal that can knock out huge numbers of victims without harming the real estate is biological. They have gotten us accustomed to seeing chemtrails in our skies so it will be a small matter to replace the barium soup that they have been using with some super bug that is 99.9% fatal to take out all the "useless eaters" who are polluting THEIR world. After a short die-off period, they can come in with their bulldozers and use the bodies for fertilizer or even Soyulent Green to feed to and kill off a few million more that somehow managed to survive. Whatever they use will have flu-like symptoms and will be very fast acting. It will be a lot like the plague in Stephen King's novel, "The Stand." I say this because they already have several strains of the 1918 Flu which they have genetically modified for even greater killing power. No telling what else they have that we have never heard of.

We know only what NASA has seen fit to tell us about the Space Station; could it be that it will be used as a safe haven for the Elite? Or Mt. Weather, or perhaps their fully staffed underground system of cities and tunnels?

Whatever pain and suffering they put us through in the next 2-4 years (before the big wipe-out) will just be to satisfy their hunger for human suffering. Ordinary human beings cannot begin to imagine their lust for blood, guts and gore. There is a revenge factor involved here and THEY WILL HAVE THEIR REVENGE. Neither you nor I would want to live in a world of their making; there are worse things than death, believe me.

On a spiritual level, I understand that this is a world of maya/illusion and to truly progress entails encountering resistance Those we perceive as the "bad guys" are just playing their part in the grand scheme of things. Even with constantly reminding myself of this, I still manage to get caught up in the drama. As Shakespeare wrote, "All the world's a stage and we each must play our part." For myself, I hope that I only have a walk-on role this time and can go ahead and exit - stage left - before the grand finale. It is not going to be pretty.


Jimbo 11-25-2007 08:40 PM

Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.
Next False Flag Attack on The Homeland - ??? - :-o :-o :-o

Yeah, I always thought that a biological weapon w/ the capacity to wipe out a large number & in a short period of time & that can also become benign after a period of time would definitely leave the rest of the infrastructure intact. The buildings, roads, bridges, etc. Everything already built for their enjoyment & pleasure. Then, they can literally own the world. All of the land & the oceans. It really is a breath taking scene when seen from above. I think the station up there is definitely & literally an eye in sky. It must be also some kind of a control center for satellite communications, weather monitoring (& control). Yeah, to them we are definitely expendable. That’s why, unfortunately for the young & naive men & women, there is only 1 kind of soldier, an alive one. If you get injured you are no good to them. They loose their pay, their benefits, their standing, it’s a complete career disaster from then on.

I think that what Alex Jones was talking about was definitely about eugenics & wiping out anywhere from about 2 / 3 to 80 percent of the population, w/ it leaning more towards the 80 percent point. This is what 1 of his guests & their military contacts were saying. This also agrees w/ some of the predictions of the end times.

Your angle about the black-mailing is a good one. Very possible too. I hope it is on the hands of a military faction that wants Freedom.

There is another theory going out there about the fact that “they” might have pulled the plug on the current scheme, & that jr. (bush jr.) is going to begin to loose power instead of gaining more, & so that “they” are going to temporarily change things to give us the “illusion” that everything is going back to normal.

I know that there is a grand purpose & far more of a spiritual reason why we are alive, so looking forward to death might not be necessarily good thing to wish for, but I am not afraid of what happens after death. What happens here is got to be worse. I believe that we do continue to exist no matter what, we go into a different dimension, our consciousness continues, & then we go onto whatever the next step is in our individual & personal soul evolution.

I understand about the roles each one of us plays, the resistance that we have to encounter in order to progress spiritually, & how good & bad creates that resistance. However, what I can not understand is how is it that any one of these sinister evil demonic monsters can have a chance at spiritual growth. They are nothing but followers, students, & disciples of demons & fallen angels, if there is any truth in that.

The fact that this is a Maya or illusion is no doubt. I think there was a recent movie, now on DVD, called “The Fountain”. There they do a great job at portraying the astral & showing how there, there is all of the knowledge & wisdom you can possible absorb. On rare occasions I have awaken hearing an amazing musical composition, definitely coming from another world, & then I try to see if I can play a small portion of it on the guitar, & by the time that I do, it is really amazing how the notes play in a progression I would have never figured on my own. One other time I woke up talking a completely different language that I understood perfectly until the time that I finally woke up & then the whole thing was gone. I have also consciously set myself in a trance & astral traveled & had the most amazing experience. So, I know there is more to this “illusion”. There are other “illusions” as well, & some that are a hell of a lot more exciting that this one, a lot more intelligent, & a lot more real than this one. Some times I comfort myself by assuming this is just a bad dream that I am having & that 1day I will wake up in my real world & have everything that I need, & everything that I could possibly want to have a full life.

Then there is David Wilcock, a modern seer, I don’t know if you are familiar w/ him & his works, but he keeps saying that none of that is going to happen or materialize. That this is obviously what “they” would like to happen, but that it is not going to happen. Now the Sun have just had a polar shift in February of 2001, & that on 2012 (11 years later) the Sun is going to undergo another polar-shift (it happens every 11 years for the Sun) except this time the “Earth” is going to have one too, along w/ a “magnetic field reversal” which some think it will cause for the magnetic field of the earth to momentarily collapse during the transition. Now this only happens once every many thousands of years. The bad news is that supposedly the Earth’s magnetic field protects us from both Solar & Cosmic Radiation, & during the transition we might be exposed to dangerous levels of radiation & perhaps a lot of life on the earth is going to be lost. I understand that in a transformer this only happens of you stop the current flow, the magnetic field does collapse. However for the Earth, although mainstream science doesn’t talk about this, the Metaphysicians do claim & w/ reason, that because of the universal “ether” that is present across the universe at all times, & feeds all living, organic, & inorganic manifestations of matter, & even Spirit, the Earth’s energy really comes from there, the “Ether”. So even if the Earth’s magnetic field reverses, I don’t think that the field is going to collapse entirely. It will be affected, & it is going to change, but I don’t think it is going to momentarily disappear. However, David Wilcock does talk about the End of the Mayan Calendar & the “ascension” or “rapture” & that because of the alignment of the Earth w/ its galactic center & an “energy wave” that has been traveling across the universe that is going to coincide w/ this event, that the Earth is going to (scientifically speaking) experience a “dimensional shift” from 3rd dimension & into a 4th dimension. What this implies is that we are going to experience, the majority of humanity, a “dimensional transport” (as in beam-me-up-Scotty) from “space-time” into “time-space”. What this means for us, is that we will now be experiencing a “reality”, or a new “Maya” more like when we “dream” or even “astral travel” & we can do things we could only imagine. If this makes any sense to you & you want to see this information, there are 4 Google videos, 3 hours long total, where David explains all of this.

Now the fact that something big is going to happen to the Earth & her inhabitants in 2012 might be a good reason why all of the sudden getting a hold of all of the natural resources, all of the gold, all of the wealth, & real estate has become number 1 priority in the “global agenda”, while there is complete disregard w/ the ecology, the oceans, rain forests, & the health of the Earth in general. They are grabbing everything they can before & so that those that will remain here, because some of these monsters will indeed stay behind, can fight against each other for ownership & control of the planet. A fight they have been fighting from day one.

Thank God for "Freedom Of Speech"... An “Informed Citizen” makes a good “Patriot.”

Barbara 11-26-2007 12:51 AM

Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.
Being totally irreligious myself allows me to examine prophecies from all religions as well as secular sources with a more or less unjaundiced eye. When I mentioned the Space Station as a possible haven for the elite during any type of worldwide plague or possibly, as you mentioned, earth changes, I recalled reading in the Christian Bible something to the effect that those evil ones were to be cast into outer darkness and that there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth. I got a life-sized picture of the Space Station suddenly out of control because of something like a pole shift or a weakening of the magnetic field of the earth and those aboard knowing suddenly that they were going to go sailing off into deep space, which is said to be dark once the sun has been left behind. Can't you just see them weeping and gnashing their teeth that their well-laid plans were all for naught and they are doomed to spend the rest of their lives "lost in space."

Jimbo, I believe these entities have had to "tweak" their ultimate plan down through the annals of time to bring it in line with new developments and twists and turns due to humankind and possible outside intervention, while never losing sight of their ultimate goal. I said just last week in an e-mail to a friend in Europe that it looked like they were going to abandon Dubya because there was a very critical article about him in an LA paper and another one in Chicago. Surely it is not because he has failed to follow their orders but he could have gotten sloppy through his ignorance and they are going to trade him in for a truly vicious new model in the form of Hillary Clinton. If we are forced to use Diebold machines, her election is a foregone conclusion. She practically bristles with suppressed anger and venom.

No, I am not afraid of what happens after death; been there, done that, got sent back to do whatever it was I promised I would do. The "soul" never dies; what we see reflected in a mirror is the least of what we really are. We can be likened to drivers of vehicles, the difference being that we do not think we are the car just because we are driving it. When the car wears out or is totaled in a crash, we simply get another car. Some souls are drawn back to this earth many times, others come here for the experience. In the past there was what was called "soul traps" that prohibited the soul leaving this dimension, forcing them to take on human bodies again and again. I have read that these bodies with all their possibilities became the ultimate soul trap, ending the desire to move onward and upward. I found this to be untrue in my case because I definitely don't want another trip through this world or another three dimensional body with all it's aches, pains and limitations.

As to these negative entities, remember that it takes a positive and a negative to make a circuit. To know light we must experience darkness; to know happiness we must experience sorrow. We will all one day return to the same place and be one again, maybe millions or even billions of what we call years from now, maybe sooner. Time is a construct of this three dimensional plane and has no real meaning outside of it because it is relative.

My heart and mind soared reading about your experiences in the dream and trance states. That is absolutely fantastic and confirms my belief that the third and fourth dimensions are "bleeding over." Have you noticed more movement out of the corner of your eye? If you turn your head to look, whatever you were glimpsing is no longer there. Science has proven that just the act of looking directly at some particles will cause them to disappear. Could these be 4th dimensional particles or maybe just very fine "star stuff" in this electric universe? Some cultures refer to this world as the "shadow world:," others say we are dreaming this world and will wake up to the real world in time. Aboriginal people have much to teach us if we but had the time to listen before they are no more. They walk daily with a foot in both worlds.

First thing in the morning I will Google David Wilcox, he sounds so very interesting. I've read and watched videos of Michael Tsarion, perhaps you've heard of him. Some of his findings and theories might be of interest to you. For all of us, when the student is ready the teacher will appear. We oscillate between being teachers and students; there is so much to learn but maybe all we need to do is remember.

Jimbo 11-26-2007 10:38 AM

Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.
Barbara, I have know about David Wilcock for about 10 years or so. He now does presentations w/ Richard C. Hoagland, the guy how first made a point to the world about the “Face on Mars” & “The Martian Monuments” ( I believe he also relates to Michael Tsarion & Jordan Maxwell, which are both in the movie show below, “Metaphysia” , coming up. I can’t wait to see that. David is really smart. Read his biography, I think posted on his site below. He was reading Metaphysics since he was about 7 I believe, probably experiencing the paranormal from even before that. At some point later in his life he ran into someone who was very familiar w/ “Edgar Cayce” & he claimed that David looked very much like Cayce. Later on they concluded that David might be a reincarnation of Cayce. There are a lot of similarities in their perspectives, & in an attempt to verify & convince himself that this was in fact true, David generated astrological charts of both Cayce & himself & the similarities were statistically impossible to have been a coincidence. He also co-authored (I believe) a book about their similarities (w/ Cayce) & the possibility of him being a reincarnation of Cayce.

When I first learned about Michael Tsarion, from a link on this site, & a post by someone trying to understand what the hell was Tsarion talking about, on his 2012 Google video, I saw it a couple of times, took some notes & deciphered what I thought his message was. After that I was hooked on Michael Tsarion. I saw every Internet video I could possibly find & learned a lot about his NWO “symbology” sessions. Another guy which is also mind blowing is “Mitchell Gibson”, a practicing Buddhist black American that became a psychiatrist, & during his internship had some amazing visions of dead people waking away from their bodies & onto their next place in their journey. After that, he try to turn that off, & so that he could concentrate on finishing his professional internship. Then later, he went back & started studying about real healing from “curanderos” (shamans, healers) from around the world & he discovered things, methods, & knowledge that is not known or used by the mainstream medical establishment, but is accessible to anyone that is willing to endure the learning & practicing of such knowledge that belongs to humankind. I’ll post all of his links sometime later.

Anyhow, since I don’t like to post material that is not directly related to a thread’s topic, I created another thread where we can expand on this subject...

Modern Metaphysical Concepts & The Paranormal

BlueAngel 11-27-2007 09:23 PM

Re: Next Terrorist Attack in U.S.
Barbara said:

"When I mentioned the Space Station as a possible haven for the elite during any type of worldwide plague or possibly, as you mentioned, earth changes..."

I honestly doubt that the capacity of the space station is large enough to house the elite during Barbara's predicted worldwide plague or earth changes.

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