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truebeliever 04-19-2005 11:31 PM

"Secrets Of The Black World" Part 1. 15meg WMV File
Details the UFO phenomena and the usual claims of "aliens" being stored at area 51 etc...Interviews with Robert Lazar. Interesting. Will post 2nd part in a week or so.

get_real 04-20-2005 08:41 AM

Re: "Secrets Of The Black World" Part 1. 15meg WMV File
TB: this reply might be best suited at another thread, but I'll go ahead because it starts with
regards to Aliens being stored at area 51:

I'm not one who believes in little green men.
Never did. I don't believe there are Aliens from other planets there. Maybe? I don't think so.

UFOs: yes! Why not? Because it would be our own project. Why? Because government has always been fixed on moving ahead. Especially when it comes to flight/transport.

The USA, of course, always wants to keep ahead of other nations in regards to transport. We must keep our secrets!!
"Flight" one of the ultimate goals, to reach such far places, to start civilizations, to find other civilizations, to find God!

Some things need to be kept secret.

BUT BUT BUT---But!!! I feel that area 51, and possibly other areas not known to us, do contain projects including that of human study, breeding, and who knows what other experiments using the human.

Yes, I would say that many a people that have been kidnapped,--- whether it be infant, young child, or adult--- is housed there. Perhaps treated well (for a spell), but never to be heard from again.

nomad 04-20-2005 09:42 AM

Re: "Secrets Of The Black World" Part 1. 15meg WMV File
Great post Truebeliever ... Tesla said

all these things were possible BEFORE ufos

became popular so again the alien aspect is

simply one way of keeping the people working

on the project quiet ... any reverse engineering

is possibly true however the vehicles themselves

are probably the work of other governments.

truebeliever 04-26-2005 07:03 PM

Re: "Secrets Of The Black World" Part 1. 15meg WMV File
I dont believe for one, single solitary second in UFO' fact...i believe, using the famous psychotherapeutic/reductive method ;) it's a left over infantile wish for a wise and noble God figure to come rescue us from the nervous infant state. To hold us in there steady arms and tell us it's allright...ding ding...thats $130 Mr's Smith, see you tomorrow...we must delve deeper! Ho ho ho...

I'll post the other part soon.

It's U.S high tech...end of story...i dont care what the loons say. Big bikkies in books for a populace bored to death with their own miserable lives and keen for some Alien probing.

But yes GR...definite skullduggery going on their.

If you must know...a little birdy told me they're making a big move down under because you yanks cant keep your big noses out of the governments business.

Nice BIG empty spaces Down Under with only kangaroo's and killer koala's to watch the bright lights.

Also, i rang the Perth observatory and spoke to the head scientist...he said they get 4-7 reports a year of "satellites" moving in formation...he stated CATAGORICALLY that they were airforce high tech we would'nt be hearing about.

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