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SeC 12-06-2007 09:40 AM

The Royal Path of the Soul
The Royal Path of the Soul

Observe the following four things in your life:
Protect the freedom of your soul, the strength of your spirit, the luminous thoughts of your mind, and the noble feelings of your heart!

Regard your good deeds as precious stones, which you have obtained during your life! They are the reward of your life.

Enjoy much more the path of light you walk upon than the lost path of darkness which you have abandoned!

Remember: the royal path of the soul is the noble thought of the spirit.
Enjoy more the small, which grows and increases than the large, which diminishes and wastes away.

When the Sun rises, Light is enthroned.

When the Sun sets, darkness is established.

Observe the wise order of the Divine Soul, in which strength precedes freedom; freedom precedes the luminous thought; the luminous thought precedes the noble feelings; the noble feelings precede the good deeds. In this way you can attain the happiness you seek.

Remember and do not forget:
You are not sent to the Earth to pick the abandoned bones of your forefathers.

Every conscious soul has a definite place in the world.
Be grateful for that, which is given you!

Weave your well-being as the spider weaves its web.

*John 10:12-22

Lecture held by Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) on August 7, 1935
05 :00 a.m. local time

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