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nomad 04-21-2005 12:32 PM

Why Einstein may have got it wrong
Here's a recent article on the Fraud

known by the name of Albert Einstein.

Not only did this flunky steal most of his

material but it is being proved to be wrong

just like Nikola Tesla has stated when

he say " You are WRONG Mr. Einstein "

Why Einstein may have got it wrong

David Adam, science correspondent
Monday April 11, 2005
The Guardian

A century after Albert Einstein published his most famous ideas, physicists will today commemorate the occasion by trying to demolish one of them.
Astronomers will tell experts gathering at Warwick University to celebrate the anniversary of the great man's "miracle year" that the speed of light - Einstein's unchanging yardstick that underpins his special theory of relativity - might be slowing down.

Michael Murphy, of the Institute of Astronomy at Cambridge University, said: "We are claiming something extraordinary here. The findings suggest there is a more fundamental theory of the way that light and matter interact; and that special relativity, at its foundation, is actually wrong."

Einstein's insistence that the speed of light was always the same set up many of his big ideas and established the bedrock of modern physics.

Dr Murphy said: "It could turn out that special relativity is a very good approximation but it's missing a little bit. That little bit may be the doorknob to a whole new universe and a whole new set of fundamental laws." His team did not measure a change in the speed of light directly. Instead, they analysed flickering light from the far-distant celestial objects called quasars.

Their light takes billions of years to travel to Earth, letting astronomers see the fundamental laws of the universe at work during its earliest days. The observations, from the massive Keck telescope in Hawaii, suggest the way certain wavelengths of light are absorbed has changed.

If true, it means that something called the fine structure constant - a measure of the strength of electromagnetic force that holds atoms together - has changed by about 0.001% since the big bang. The speed of light depends on the fine structure constant. If one varies with time then the other probably does too, meaning Einstein got it wrong.

If light moved faster in the early universe than now, physicists would have to rethink many fundamental theories. His conclusions are based on work carried out in 2001 with John Webb at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. Other astronomers disputed the findings, and a smaller study using a different telescope last year suggested no change.

Dr Murphy's team is analysing the results from the largest experiment so far, using light from 143 bright stellar objects. Einstein's burst of creativity in 1905 stunned his contemporaries. He published three papers that changed the way scientists viewed the world, including the special theory of relativity that led to his deduction E=mc˛.

The Physics2005 conference, set up by the Institute of Physics as part of its Einstein Year initiative, runs until Thursday.

Draken 04-21-2005 01:44 PM

Lord Kelvin's Vortex Theory of Atoms
Hey, nomad!

This is kind of a "special interest" topic but I thought I post it anyway. I read a book called <a href="">THE VORTEX - Key To Future Science by David Ash&Peter Hewitt</a>. It talks about Scottish scientist Lord Kelvin's (William Thomson) 1867 Vortex Theory of Atoms.
Supposedly, this theory was so elegant and simple - and above all, it explained the atom very well - that it was the accepted theory until Einstein came and ruined the party.

This is the website of one of the authors of that book, David Ash. He is very polite towards Einstein ;-), I suppose he's not that stupid. But he explains the basics of the theory there. I read the book The Vortex and found it very interesting and intriguing, although I have to say I reserve myself in regards to some of the things said, since I don't have the knowledge to verify their claims. Nevertheless, it's a fascinating theory.

Lord Kelvin

<a href="">The Quantum Vortex</a>

get_real 04-21-2005 03:08 PM

Re: Lord Kelvin's Vortex Theory of Atoms
This is how we 'live' forever. We go on and on.

psholtz 04-22-2005 10:43 AM

Re: Lord Kelvin's Vortex Theory of Atoms
This paper contains some wonderful explorations of just exactly what Einstein did get wrong in SR.. among other things:

(*) Time dilation probably does not occur (at least not in the way explained by Einstein);
(*) Einstein's explanation of stellar aberration is incorrect (insofar as Einstein even had an explanation for stellar aberration, which he really didn't.. it was more "hand-waving")
(*) All reference frames are not equal; all things being equal, light will still "pick out" the "most inertial" reference frame it can find, and all motions/speeds should be calculated with respect to this (inertial reference frame)

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