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Chemlin 01-18-2008 09:04 AM

A must see, videoinformation regarding everything
This is one of the most import series you can watch today. The series is 180+ videos and growing. It has been REMOVED from Youtube twice so far cause "they" do not want this information out there to the public. Please take some time of your life and at least give it a try to watch this clips. There are up to 185 clips to this day. More information go to (Don't work all the time, because of fixing on the page numberous times)

Here is the first clip, it is now also back on youtube again, for now. If you are really into how things work today, please consider to have a look.

if this link don't work, they removed it, but you could try the one below, just edited... :)

This is only part 01 of over 180 parts, Enjoy :)

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