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mizfish 01-22-2008 10:15 AM

UNDER THE SIGN OF THE SCORPION, the Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire

This courageous man (Jüri Lina) opened my eyes to the Freemason's and the Illuminati's massive manipulation of our minds and souls. He also goes into great detail about the Satanic conspiracy happening as we speak in Sweden and the Soviet Union's influence on Swedish politics. The only thing I don't agree with is Lina's assumption that the Soviet Union collapsed and doesn't exist anymore. See my other book recommendation, "The European Collective". Christopher Story writes:
"None of these events could possibly have taken place (the collapse of the Soviet Union), given the immense repressive power and potential of the KGB/GRU, the Ministry of Interior and the Red Army, as well as of many other military formations, had they not been sanctioned and ordered from the top. To believe that the 'collapse' was spontaneous would presuppose that the colossal apparatus of Stalinist repression had suddenly ceased to function, which was simply never the case - persistent yet imprecise propaganda to the contrary nothwithstanding. For several years, Soviet organs of repression had been running riot all over the 'near abroad',with devastating localised consequences. Therefore, the impression of spontaneity contrived by the Soviet propaganda apparatus was entirely false - even though, as the strategists had correctly anticipated, it was quite sufficient to convince the British Foreign Office, the US State Department and the other centres of Western foreign policy that the collapse of the Soviet Union was indeed genuine, thus fulfilling Lenin's prophesy that it would always pay the revolutionaries to 'tell them [the bourgeoisie abroad] what they want to believe'. Apart from this, in my opinion, slight misunderstanding Jüri Lina is spot on.
I warmly recommend everyone to read all his books.

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