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mizfish 01-22-2008 09:16 AM

CONFESSIONS of A BRITISH SPY and British Enmity Against Islam

From the preface:

When Islam was established, hegemony of the priests as in the Dark Ages, was abolished. They founded missionary organizations to abolish Islam. The British were the forerunner in this regard. A Ministry of the Commonwealth was established in London with a view of fighting against Islam. People who worked in this Ministry were taught the Jewish tricks. Contriving inconceivably vicious plans, they attacked Islam using all available military and political forces toward this end. Hempher, only one of the thousands of male and female agents employed and sent forth to all countries by this ministry, entrapped a person named Muhammad of Najd in Basra, misled him for many years, and caused him to establish the sect called Wahhabi in 1125 [1713 A.D.]. They announced this sect in 1150.

Hempher is a British missioner who was assigned the task of carrying on espionage activities in Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Hijaz and in Istanbul, the center of the (Islamic) caliphate, misleading Muslims and serving Christianity, by the Ministry of British Commonwealth of Nations. No matter how assiduously the enemies of Islam may strive to annihilate Islam, they will never be able to extinguish this light of Allahu ta'ala. /

The British state policy is essentially based on methods of exploiting the natural riches of the world, particularly those in Africa and India, employing their inhabitants like beasts, and transferring all the resultant revenue to Britain. People who have had the fortune of attaining Islam, the religion which commands justice, mutual love and charity, pose an obstruction athwart to the British cruelties and falsities.

We have prepared this book of ours in three sections:

The first section comprises the slanders of the British spy. This section informs about the base and squalid plans and falsifications designed by the British for the purpose of annihilating Islam. This section consists of seven parts.

The second section relates how the British insidiously put their treacherous plans into practice in Muslim countries, how they cozened statesmen, how they inflicted unimaginably bitter torments of Muslims, and how they destroyed the Indian and the Ottoman States. How the Jews and the British attacked Islam has been reported by quoting from Hakikat-ul-Yahud which was written by Fuad bin Abdurrahman Rufai and published by Mektebetus-sahabetul Islamiyye in Kuwait-Safat-Salimiyya. This section of our book is corroborated with documents which will awaken those poor Muslims who are entrapped by the Wahhabis and will corroborate the writings of the scholars of Ahl as-sunnat.

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