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mizfish 01-22-2008 09:26 AM

New World Order In North America

Few of us have known until the release of this book that NAFTA may be an elaborate camouflage for a totalitarian police state stretching from the Canadian Arctic to the southernmost reaches of Mexico, yet this is the thrust of a secret report by a North American Counter Intelligence Military Team. The report cites far reaching legislation during the last four years that has shifted the responsibility for law Enforce-ment in the U.S. from a local, state, or even national control to a global law enforcement body—Nothing less than the United Nations. In little more than a year the centralized military force in every state and region will be completely under the jurisdiction of the U.N. Sources close to the report state that the FBI, CIA, ATF, and the Treasury Board already receive their funds from the United Nations and this information is documented in this same source. The creation of new law enforcement agencies—The MJTF and FINCEN- seems a preliminary to a massive round-up of North American citizens, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, who have committed no crime but who refuse to bend to the will of the New World Order regime. Elaborate mechanisms have been devised for the incarceration of citizens on a grand scale : Systems of tracking, ranging from a chip in the ignition of one’s automobile to a chip in the money in one’s pocket.

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