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mizfish 01-22-2008 09:26 AM

New World Order: Corruption In Canada

The first book of it’s kind in Canada. This book reveals the figures in the political carpet at home, diagnosing the disease that now infects the core of Canadian life; In Parliament, the civil service, the banking system, medical and social services, the christian churches, the military ‘national security’ intelligence (CSE and CSIS), academia, and the astonishing penetration of central Canada by the Church of Satan. What we have come to realize, German - Canadian Rolf Rentmeister writes, is that somebody or some group has been hard at work to create a different version of Canada from the country our ancestors created and in which their families chose to live. This book reveals the individuals and the groups who have been active in this respect - including Maurice Strong, CSIS, John Polanyi, David Suzuki, Lester Pearson, the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, Conrad Black, Brian Mulroney, Bob Rae, Mel Hurtig, Paul Desmarais, Pierre Trudeau, and many others. This is, according to the brilliant analysis of Mr. Kealey (based on ‘inside’ information), the first step of a plan devised by George Bush, Ronald Reagan, and the leading industrialists of the United States in 1982, and which was implemented in Canada by Mr. Brian Mulroney. The second step is to get Quebec to separate. The third to integrate the rest of Canada into the U.S. - The fourth to get the natives in Northern Canada to revolt. The fifth to send in the military from Fort Drum with blue berets. And the sixth step? To build the Grand Canal by which the waterways of Canada will be reversed, maintaining the ‘breadbasket’ in the U.S. while Canada turns into a frozen shield. The resolution will not be found by turning the Canadian people against the American people or vice-versa but by incensing both peoples against the invisible rulers of both countries. When he started this book in Oct.1993, Professor O’Driscoll was “under investigation” by the University for having published the first two volumes of the trilogy in 1993. By the time he completed this book in Oct.1994, he had been barred from his office, his files, his books, the library and had even been suspended from the University. 3rd in the “New World Order Exposed” Trilogy.

magneeto 12-10-2009 01:11 AM

Re: New World Order: Corruption In Canada
And good news kids. This week of dec 8 2009 In Canada a judge threw out all are freedom of speach laws, called them unconstitutional. And has opened the floodgates to debat and truth.
Now lets kick some free mason bildeberg but, without VIOLENCE

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