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stompk 02-05-2008 04:54 AM

Top candidate contributor list.
So, you want to see where the "top candidates" are getting
their money?


Sen. Hillary Clinton, D.-N.Y.

Clinton raised $26.6 million in the fourth quarter and nearly $117.7 million through year-end 2007.

Top contributors so far: DLA Piper ($470,150); Goldman Sachs ($407,561); Morgan Stanley ($362,700); Citigroup ($350,895); and Lehman Brothers ($237,270).
Sen. Barack Obama, D.-Ill.

Obama raised $22.8 million in the fourth quarter and nearly $102.2 million by the end of 2007.

Top contributors so far: Goldman Sachs ($421,763); UBS ($296,670); Lehman Brothers ($250,630); National Amusements ($245,843); and JP Morgan Chase ($240,788).
Former Gov. Mitt Romney, R.-Mass.

Romney raised $26.9 million in the fourth quarter and nearly $88.5 million through year-end 2007. The CRP notes that $35.4 million of his funding has come from his own pocket.

Top contributors so far: Goldman Sachs ($223,925); Merrill Lynch ($163,020); Citigroup ($162,950); Morgan Stanley ($152,050); and Lehman Brothers ($137,450).
Sen. John McCain, R.-Ariz.

McCain raised $9.7 million in the fourth quarter and $41.1 million as of the end of 2007.

Top contributors so far: Merrill Lynch ($155,950); Citigroup ($153,362); Blank Rome ($143,501); Greenberg Traurig ($130,587); and Goldman Sachs ($85,252).
Election '08: Where the Street is putting its money - Feb. 5, 2008

That's friggin' disgusting!

I'm glad I support Ron Paul.

Delta 02-05-2008 06:17 PM

Re: Top candidate contributor list.
Relax, it is all going back into the economy. That is the money that will support the advertisement industry, the broadcast industry as well as countless "strategists" and give them a much needed boost for the upcoming recession.

stompk 02-06-2008 06:23 AM

Re: Top candidate contributor list.
...and the rich get richer,

while the middle class slowly watch their homes, their incomes slip away.

Free Video - Business and personal finance news from CNNMoney
Pain of mortgage crisis expected to spread far |

Delta 02-06-2008 08:46 PM

Re: Top candidate contributor list.
The middle class seem to get poorer because they are spending their money on overpriced DSL and cable internet connections.

stompk 02-07-2008 06:18 AM

Re: Top candidate contributor list.
Delta, do you have anything to contribute besides snide sarcasm?

You ignorance of the issues is apparent from the lack of useful
rebuttle to the debate.

Why is it important that these contributions come from Wall Street?


These traders, not economists or securities analysts, can turn the world upside down, make governments tremble, give central bankers colitis and ruin the lives of ordinary men and women saving for their children’s college education or their own retirement. In America today, it is the traders, not the politicians or the generals or the corporate bosses, who have the power.
Ben Stein:

Delta 02-07-2008 08:34 PM

Re: Top candidate contributor list.
Your own words my friend:


That's friggin' disgusting!

I'm glad I support Ron Paul.
You want intelligent debate, I'll be happy to give you some. First you have to say something intelligent! Right now you are slightly better than your Finnish friend that is calling your man Ron the Devil!

You can start by explaining how you came up with these "big" numbers. Like the amount raised by Hillary is over $117 million, yet your big Wall Street firms show less than $2 million. Where is the other $115 million. In fact all of the Wall Street contributions you mentioned amount to less than $5 million yet the toals are like $400 million. Who contributed the other $395 million?

Also do you know what the maximum individual donation limit is?

stompk 02-08-2008 06:47 AM

Re: Top candidate contributor list.
Well, I'll let you do your own research.

2008 Presidential Election

About the limits?

I don't know. Ron Pauls website said the limit was $2300.00.

Is the Democratic side $4600.00
Source: Loophole Lets Candidates Skirt Donation Limit -

But a quick search of Hillary's donations, she obviously didn't care about that rule.
Presidential Candidates: Donor Lookup

As usual, Clinton blurrs the rules so the rich have an advantage.

Of course, Ron Paul plays by the rules.
Presidential Candidates: Donor Lookup

And most of Ron Pauls donation come from the middle class, who are digging hard to have their voice heard, only to be ignored.

Keep in mind, 7% (Pauls delgate average) of the US population is 21,000,000 people.

Not a small amount to thumb your noses at.

And of course, McCain cheats too.
Presidential Candidates: Donor Lookup

By the way, did you see the CPAC speech by Ron Paul. Probably not, because it was carried by CSPAN 3, even though McCain was televised live, as well as Romney.
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Delta 02-08-2008 08:50 PM

Re: Top candidate contributor list.
Again, who donated the other $395 million? Perhaps 30-50 million american citizens? But that isn't as sinister as the $5 million contributed by wall street employees now is it?

As for Ron's CPAC speech, sorry I must have missed it. I have heard his stup speech before and I must admit it is very good. I have much respect for Ron Paul the gadfly.

The only problem is that he is one of those people that when you hear him you are completely in his trance and think he is making sense. It is after the speech is over and you have some time to think about his policies that you realize that they are unworkable!

He is a good man, just not presidential material.

stompk 02-09-2008 06:43 AM

Re: Top candidate contributor list.
You didn't address campaign donation limits. Are you in agreement with using this loophole to cheat?

I don't know why you feel like his politics won't work, when they are strictly constitution.

The one document that sets America apart from the rest of the world, and Ron Paul follows it to a tee, as he should, and people have the nerve to call him a fringe candidate?

And those same lame people sit there and laugh at the media blackouts, and exclusions from debate.

Laugh it up, Romney, and all you anti-constitutionalists.

I say it's you, that are on the fringe.

Delta 02-09-2008 08:44 PM

Re: Top candidate contributor list.
Donation limits were set up to prevent an individual from buying an election. Loaning money to a campaign is a way around it. So are many other legal ways to go around it. There will always be loopholes. You just have to live with them.

As for Ron, I have a good friend that is a Libretarian. His ideas sound good until you apply the laugh test. They no longer work.

Libretarians want to legalize illicit drugs, they want to leave medicine to private industry, they want to stop licensing of doctors and letting anyone put up a shingle whether they are qualified or not in order to cut cost. They want to do away with public education. They want to do away with environmental regulations. They want to do away with law enforcement.

As you said, none of these things are included in the constitution and shouldn't be offered by the government.

Libretarian talk is great to hear when you have all these facilities in place to protect and to serve you. It's not the same when they are gone.

The problem with Libretarians is that they actually advocate taking away alot of the libereties you take for granted. Think about that!

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