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truebeliever 04-27-2005 07:03 AM

Whoa!!! Janes Defence Weekly - Article Admits...Armed Forces R Out Of Work. Where To Now...
This is important.

Janes is the Premiere Defence Magazine.

We knew they were turning to they openly admit..."We're out of work...civil crime and terrorism will keep us employed".

This is quite big in my eyes. An open admission...look out. They are obviously desperate.

Defence industry faces "biggest challenge since Second World War"

By Guy Anderson Editor of Jane's Defence Industry

The defence industry is facing the "biggest challenges since the Second World War" following a "revolution", which will lead to a shift in emphasis from military to civil authorities, according to Saab chief executive Ake Svensson.

Terrorism and organised crime have replaced threats previously posed by the Cold War, Svensson told the Third Annual Defence Industry Conference in London on 26 April - an event organised by Jane's Information Group and The Economist Group.

"We are seeing the biggest change and some of the biggest challenges since the Second World War," he said.

"The greatest fear in our lifetime was the Cold War and the threats that posed. The threats didn't materialise, but [have] moved to terrorism and organised crime, which requires a different approach."
But wait...there's more!!!!

What they're saying in the next article is that if defence companies dont form GIANT conglomerates they're going to be left behind.

Whats he talking about?

I tell you...look out.
Defence companies must meet challenge of global 'super primes', says Jane's CEO

By Sean Howe

More needs to be done by defence companies "to overcome the potential challenges and threats that arise from emerging global 'super primes'", according to Alfred Rolington, CEO of Jane's Information Group.

Speaking on 26 April at the third annual defence conference organised jointly by Jane's Information Group and Economist Conferences, Mr Rolington told delegates: "Without a well-thought-out strategic plan to meet the competitive alliances that are currently forming, domestically and even regionally focused defence firms run the risk of being left behind in the market place."

He noted that as consolidation in Europe nears its endgame, "aspects of the US defence market provide unrivalled opportunity for European defence firms".
This ties in nicely...the shift to more non-lethal weapons for the Marines. Who's been doing ALL that urban warfare training?

US speeds development of non-lethal weapons

Washington, DC

The US intends to field a vehicle-mounted non-lethal weapon within two or three years that would fire a high volume of projectiles a long distance.

The programme is still known as the Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle (TUGV) Non-Lethal Mission Payload Module because it was originally designed to fit on the US Marine Corps' Gladiator TUGV. However, observing the use of tactical robots in Afghanistan and Iraq has convinced service officials that their efforts would be better spent getting a vehicle-mounted weapon quickly rather than waiting for robot technology to develop.

The Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Directorate (JNLWD) is looking at integrating weapons like a 40 mm or 62 mm grenade dispenser or the Metal Storm high-speed electronic gun on to a Humvee, said Kevin Swenson, the directorate's acquisition division chief.

Soldiers and marines also want a short-range, high-volume, non-lethal weapon to be fielded quickly, Swenson said. Based on experiences in Kosovo, where US soldiers were confronted with angry crowds but only had single-shot M203 grenade launchers with which to shoot sting balls and sponge grenades, the JNLWD is developing a .60 calibre rubber ball munition for the Mk 19 machine gun, which would be able to fire 275-350 rounds per minute. It is intended to be used from 10 m to 50 m or more, Swenson said.

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