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Sicarri 04-10-2008 11:16 AM

New Orleans Protest
source: New Orleans Protest

President Bush, Mexico's President Calderon and Canadian Prime Minister Harper will be in New Orleans for this year's North American Leaders Summit. On April 21-22 the three so-called leaders will be discussing further implementation of the Security and Prosperity Partnership in the city that Bush turned his back on just a few years ago. This is a high profile event with media that spans the globe.

There are so many things that We The People need to protest. It is clear that changes will not be made until we take a stand. This protest will be like that of Martin Luther King Jr. in the 60's. Like the issues of those days, changes were not made until the American people united in protest. This is that time for us, now. No matter your issue, this is the time to take a stand for what you believe in. If the founders of this nation knew that 200 years down the road the American People would not take a stand to correct the problems that our corrupted, greedy politicians have created they would be ashamed. Don't let them down!

**** I am going to this event and I ask everyone to attend. The greater the numbers the better, besides we can also help a hurting city that the government continues to fail.

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