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Time=Now 04-11-2008 08:38 PM

What In The World???
- Update: I've added a few more 'posters' to get the Word out about my website that is basically a directory of verifiable, need to know info with new links being added every day.
(When you first found out about or or whatever, was the first thought you had "OH MY GOD... WHY ISN'T THIS WHAT EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT?" - "AND WHY DID I ONLY JUST LEAN ABOUT THIS MYSELF???") ?

If that was followed by: "I gotta get this out to as many people as possible" , checkout this page: Contribute & Support Your Community for a Better Future


Don't be afraid of anything; Especially waking up your fellow man! I have read ' The Biggest Secret' by David Icke, & I'm wondering what others think. Look at: - free file sharing and storage (I just happen to know an easy way for people to get this file, & I'm not affiliated with the site) - Obviously, LOL, search for ' The Biggest Secret ' if you have not already read the book.

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