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redrat11 05-08-2008 01:50 AM

You won't believe this in a million years???
It just occurred to me in a dream, it is 12:08 AM MST RIGHT NOW, as I'm writing this, PEOPLE, I've had 3 consecutive nights of differring dreams dealing with the same topic, with different versions, all ending up with me awakening with fear or panic. Now, you are not going to believe what you are about to read here, but, It is the GODS HONEST TRUTH, IT IS WHAT I BELIEVE AND PERCEIVE! As anyone knows here, there has been a SPATE OF PEOPLE selling phones and electronic GIZMOS, WELL, people if you're not AWARE of this, those products are NWO CONTROL DEVICES, some would say MIND CONTROL, LISTEN TO ME VERY CAREFULLY! Alot of the electronic products like cellphones and laptops and I-pods and what not are being used to destroy us within, You don't have to take my word for it, go do your own damm research! About 3 weeks ago I replaced my AT@T Motorola Razor phone for a BLACKJACK 2 SAMSUNG PHONE, FOLKS, try to understand what you will read here, because somehow, it will make sense to you in due time. Did any of you NOTICE THE NAME OF THE NEW PHONE SPAMMER--SAM11 he/she decided to spam over one of my threads, this seemed strange as they used the #11 behind there username here like mine. Well, the phone I purchased (legitametly, I might add, thru a AT@T dealer) is made by SAMSUNG, but get this, LOOK DEEPLY AT THAT NWO COMPANY AND NAME, WHAT DO YOU SEE? I will tell you, it' s SON-of-SAM OR SAM -SUN, GET IT? Both me and my girlfriend recently purchased Samsung phones, and we both have had WEIRD NOISES and WEIRD VOICES SEEM TO ECHO IN THE BACKGROUND, at first we thought the phones were CRAP, i still do, but, just as these weird dreams I've been having, (and I suspect because of talking endlessly with these phones) that there is something terribly EVIL HERE, I perceive this greatly, something is not right here, I will not disclose what the dreams are I'm having, but there is no question these NWO DEVICES ARE TO BLAME. Also go take a look at the phone on the net, it's called the BLACKJACK 2 BY SAMSUNG, It's wicked looking, and aslo if you think Im just blowing smoke here, how bout BLACKBERRIE PHONE DEVICES, DO YOU SEE A PATTERN HERE? Black----as in BLACK MAGIC???? FOLKS, WE ARE LIVING IN THE SATANIC REALM OF THIS DOOMED SYSTEM OF THINGS, if your still not convinced that almost without a doubt the PLETHORA OF ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE NWO, AND SATANICLY INSPIRED, then go take a look at Makows article about a small glimpse of this satanic world we live in. it's or one or the other, you STUPID FOOLS, YOU DENY THAT THIS WORLD IS CONTROLLED BY DARK FORCES (SATAN, A REAL DEMONIC/ANGELIC BEING WHO FELL FROM GRACE) ALONG WITH HIS CAPTIVE MINIONS WHO DO HIS BIDDING. Go ahead, mock my words, in the end, IM RIGHT!

KennyWally 05-10-2008 06:33 PM

Re: You won't believe this in a million years???
just for you redrat;

MCiA Media



Now, I don't know anything about the phones for sure

but I heard about sub-carrier waves that could be used

via the teevee set, especially the new digital signal...

sorry, I don't have a link.

ice 07-02-2008 04:41 PM

Re: You won't believe this in a million years???
redrat ?

well done !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see my postsings on the thread --------are we being monitered ?

see what i say there about voice echos .

well actually , i didnt address it , but it is one of the signs as well as others i made .

poeple who use to listen in tothe old cb radios use to get echos . this was an inication to some one listening with a more powerful signal .and that was the 70s and early 80s .
becrefull redrat .

i just made a post about iluminate operatives , mind control and a question some one raised about ------------would you kill another to survive ?

i answered it .

the thread seems to have gone from my view . also ? it took over ten minits to even try and post .
eventully i switched off computer straight away and reconected !
obviosuly some one was watching ! monitoring , and slerping my posts with me .

now i can get pages up in no time at all , yet for the last 24 hours its taken over 1 minit per page .

obviously , seems , a connection has now cleared .

some one , was monotoring this site ! thats why , it took ages for each page to come up , yet now i get them in less than 2 seconds .
every sign , is there for us to see , if we question things enough .

get rid of your phone .

bye a second hand old one ! it takesthe satalites , and monitors , a long time to go through such computer and satalite archives to get the frequencies .

just a tip .

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