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user 06-20-2008 08:24 AM

victimisation conspiracy
I have read articles on mind reading and its pretty intense stuff. Do you believe in mind reading?
From what I have understood even the MI6 read peoples minds and use it for communication. This technology can be used to read peoples thoughts, minds and to communicate. It can also be used to conduct psychological research of the mind.:eek:

Do you believe in mind reading for communication and research?

If you could read peoples minds then what are the possibilities, research on sleep or even sleep hypnoses could be conducted. What would happen if you hypnotised someone in their sleep. Zombie?

This technology was supposed to have been present from 1970 and onwards. I am sure the russian inventors have developed with it. This technology can also be used to study human behaviour and its results have been significant. The different types of research that could be conducted include bollemia (vomiting after eating excessively against your free will), schizophrenia, excessive exercising, suicide and others.

Some people possibly vomit while others do not!
Even the koreans are doing it!
This technology does things against your free will and enforces individual behavioural characteristics, as I would like to put it. Individual characteristics based on their psychoses which is a psychological mental illness which could be deliberately invoked to understant these characteristics.

The possiblities are endless but the technology to me sounds realistic as we have the capabilities to do it, and there are huge amounts of information about it on the internet. Its related to electromagnetic low frequency mind reading. One of the articles mentioned a subject who was made to eat against his free will, then stop eating against his free will while excessively exercising and then gain weight by excessively eating among other research being conducted on him. It sounds like a really oppressive technology, but the number of subjects being put through it are not so many compared to the world population.

One of the articles I have read mentioned the study of suicide using this technology in korea. Its a very interesting topic and I would like to hear what you think of mind reading technology using ELF frequency. Why dont you research about it yourself and tell me what you think.

The author George Orwell wrote a novel called 1984 about a society which is controlled against their will using a similiar type of technology. This society might not be so fiction if its real.

I think this technology, like the internet is just another emerging technology in our society that takes its time before its fully established. The only difference is that this new society is an evolving society based on confidentiality and conspiracies. Its a hidden society which probably started off in some country like russia being used in a socialist regime. I dont think the countries using this are socialist but its still a hidden regime which will establish itself in a different way. It will give people a new identity for the sake of national security. The technology could decipher who is lying and who is telling the truth, judging people accurately without any problems. Its not so bad for most people but for a few research subjects
it undermines the fundementals of freedom and personal liberation especially if the research is on suicide. The word "Harassment" probably sums up what these subjects are going through. The fact that we are not all leaving countries who are carrying out these types of research should indicate that its not conducted on a significant number of people. Whether the subjects matter depends on the democratic regime that these subjects are living in.

As the saying goes, "Its a dog eat dog world" and we are all dogs in this new emerging society. Oppressing and prejudicing certain people shouldn't be a problem with this technology. Our modern technology currently allows us to effectively observe and prejudice any person for research that its effective use outweights its disadvantages for national security.

A hidden society which only know of this technology and use it for communication could make such prejudice activity a sane and moral action which is justified by human rights. If its true that we could be made to accept this technology against our free will, then we could be made to rely more heavily on intellectual rights for moral justification.

BlueAngel 06-20-2008 10:06 AM

Re: victimisation conspiracy
They were experimenting with electromagnetic frequencies/microwaves as a way to penetrate one's mind and implant thoughts/suggestions and/or to make the victim believe they had ESP.

As far as reading one's thoughts, not sure about this.

However, it would take a whole lot of equipment and a whole lot of people to undergo this operation on the population.

I believe they concentrate their efforts on those whom were victims in the beginning during their studies and used as Guinea pigs and/or those whom they wish to silence.

Or, chose people from neither group above as experiments.

As I've stated previously, when I received a "suicide command," it was not MY VOICE. It was relentless and could have been from my programmers in the past.

It was persistent.

It was telling me many different ways to kill myself.

I knew there was NO REASON I would want to kill myself.

These suicide suggestions came out of THIN AIR.

Where they my programmer's voices from the past that were triggered when I awoke to the reality of my victimization or did they penetrate my mind in other ways?

Either way.

I don't let them in.

They have no power over my life.

I can't forget to mention that the men and women who rescued me from the cult armed me with instructions; trained me how to fight back and counter-act the perpetrators.

sablefish 06-20-2008 02:04 PM

Re: victimisation conspiracy
I don't know BlueAngel.. I think soul reading might work All you have to do is to look at the corona of the person in site of you... I don't know about mindreading.. I might be possible.. Who knows?

Soul reading is happening.

user 06-20-2008 02:19 PM

Re: victimisation conspiracy
I am glad that you brought up ESP because from what I have read, allot of the victims exhibit strange idea's because of this research. The research requires them to stay awake and the voices gradually emerge in order for them to conduct their schizophrenic research. First there is an increase in the sound of the ventilation system in ones head which disrupts a persons concentrations. The subjects then shows signs of schizophrenia and starts to develop strange idea's, like he thinks he is god, an assassin and many other crazy idea's.

The voices are their to develop this schizophrenia and are mostly triggered by personal beliefs and other triggers. Schizophrenia develops and takes over the subjects life, creating habits and ludicrousy. The subjects career is probably in jeopardy at this point. Some subjects think that they are animals and can eat raw meat. A person who thinks he can eat raw meat should never be a doctor and I couldn't agree more.

I believe these tendencies exhibited by schizophrenics are part of the secret services research to study behavioural characteristics. How these subjects are invoked into these tendencies is another issue, which probably involves the study of psycoses and sleep hypnoses or something like that. Sigmund Freud probably had something to do with it!

The paranormal behaviour disappears in most subjects but most of them are probably miserable with harassment. Schizophrenia is harassment if its diliberate which can easily be induced with this mind reading technology.

I personally think that democracy is not full proof and if you are going to get paranoid maybe the sun shines better somewhere else. As for harassment I think the united nations probably keep a tab on everyone and ensure it follows some convention.

Can you imagine living with another identity in a totally different society. I think if this technology is true then our minds (which can be used for communication) could be a source of ID. If you could speak to whoever you want then your voice could be heard and as the saying goes "everybody has a voice in democracy". This technology can provide a means for a new ID but for now its based on a naive society which is not viable yet. This hidden society is still confidential and conspired upon. I am sure more people will probably get introduced to this technology as the years pass, through schizophrenia and thoughts.

I believe that if this technology existed and emerged in the future, then it will emerge in a society believing its a normal way of living. If this was true then who created this technology or are we being born into a society created by visionaries. Stalin was a visionary who believed in a society like this but I dont know too much about him to open a discussion. I would like to know what you think about visionaries and your favourite visions of the future?

BlueAngel 06-20-2008 06:21 PM

Re: victimisation conspiracy

Originally Posted by sablefish (Post 49322)
I don't know BlueAngel.. I think soul reading might work All you have to do is to look at the corona of the person in site of you... I don't know about mindreading.. I might be possible.. Who knows?

Soul reading is happening.

Mind reading?

Don't know.

Penetrating one's mind, quite possible, as I've stated.

They were looking for ways to do so when I was a victim of MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

My vision for the future is a FREE WORLD.

sablefish 06-23-2008 10:11 AM

Re: victimisation conspiracy
My vision for the future is a FREE WORLD.
I would like that too.. Does this FREE WORLD believe in property rights, or does it believe that everybody owns nothing but their skins?

Can property be owned?

BlueAngel 07-02-2008 05:29 PM

Re: victimisation conspiracy

Originally Posted by sablefish (Post 49359)
My vision for the future is a FREE WORLD.
I would like that too.. Does this FREE WORLD believe in property rights, or does it believe that everybody owns nothing but their skins?

Can property be owned?

Yes property can be owned.

I should have been more specific.

Freedom of our political representatives/leaders from their masters/Banksters/Military Industrial Complex so they shall work for the people, of the people and by the people.

Freedom of thought without mind control and social engineering being constantly targeted upon the populace.

Freedom from suppression imposed upon other nations throughout the world by the power mongers who desire to own every natural resource on our planet.

That's a beginning.

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