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truebeliever 05-05-2005 01:20 AM

Footage Of "Spectre Gunship" Attack In Afghanistan.
I first saw this a couple of years ago.

It is quite disturbing, though i assure you this is typical of war.

"Kill, kill, kill...war is legal murder sanctioned by the State, no more no less"...Old Italian Fascist and my mortal enemy...frontline Russia campaign.

I'd never met a "true" fascist until I met him.

The background to this video is that U.S forces had recieved info that "Taliban" members where meeting here and the rest is history.

Who knows...they seem to be enjoying themselves...the gunship crew that is.
What the crew says...

"Get that man"

"Goin ta town man"!

Yeh, yeh...kill, kill, kill...hoo haa!!!!!

This is what a handful of "Dexies" can do for you.

And dont these gutless, safe in the air scum cry like little babies when the natives get a hold of them.

HOO HAA boys! Till you're on the receiving end.

And your time will come.

And one more thing...killing is a serious business, I object most strongly to killing in the first place and immature little MTV Brats having fun while doing it.

A special place in hell is reserved for those who make fun of, and seem to enjoy killing.

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