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Leonardo 09-18-2008 12:39 AM

Please pray for my Illuminati friend
I have been in conversation with a lady now for about 2 years. She is Illuminati. Her father is very sick right now. And I'm asking for everyone's prayers concerning this matter. She has become a dear friend within the last few years and she is now ex-illuminati though most of her extended family remains within this order.

She along with her family has told me that they are trying to heal and recover from the past. We have worked through a lot during this time and I am hopeful for her recovery and the future that her life holds. She is a beautiful lady and I have seen evidence for a beatiful heart.

I sometimes feel much empathy for Illuminati members. I think what some conspiracy theorists forget is that many never got a choice in the matter. They were simply born into a familial situation and dealt with it as best they could. Some took the bait and carried on the family business, others, well, others wondered what it was they were really involved with.

All jokes aside, my friends on CC, I think it may be much wiser, more compassionate, and do far more good for all of humanity and the world, if we were to have, well, maybe just a shred more love and compassion for individuals who were born into such a situation. I'm not patronising anyone. I'm simply suggesting that being outsiders, we may not have all the facts in yet as to who is 'evil' and who is not. So a better policy may be to listen in all cases, listen again, and then listen. Compassion and mercy mixed with wisdom and love I am convinced will be a far better cure than everyone going Alex Jones here and taking up arms to oust the tyrants.

Just a thought.

marypopinz 09-29-2008 03:14 AM

Re: Please pray for my Illuminati friend
compassion for a bunch of paedophiles... i don't think so. where is the compassion for the kids?

right is right and wrong is wrong. once these fools become adults and have the capacity to understand that they are doing grievous harm to CHILDREN committing EGGREGIOUS acts of sexual violence against CHILDREN...



pood little illuminati people... boo hoo... who is protecting the children and who is molesting them? Give over.

justgroovy 09-29-2008 09:44 AM

Re: Please pray for my Illuminati friend
I've got to agree with Mary on this one Leonardo. If someone is born into a situation they should still know right from wrong.

I don't have compassion for anyone who would knowlingly and willingly hurt a child in any way.

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