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stompk 09-28-2008 06:50 AM

Keeping us slaves to credit.
Every time someone in the government, or media mentions the bailout, they mention the importance of keeping the credit flowing.


WASHINGTON - Congressional negotiators and the Bush administration's top Treasury officials go to work Sunday on settling the final details of a historic $700 billion Wall Street bailout aimed at keeping credit flowing and saving the nation's shaky economy from collapsing into a crippling recession.
Tentative accord on bailing out bankers - Yahoo! News

The truth is, we are in this mess, BECAUSE of credit.

Take a look at this very informative thread.


NO ONE! will believe you about the No. 1 NWO bank conspiracy – 6% fixed rate mortgage is really a 580% variable mortgage.

There is no such thing as a fixed mortgage, it is totally bs. A “30-year fixed mortgage” is actually a variable mortgage, and the rate you really pay is higher than you can imagine and eliminates financial freedom. Nationally, homeowners keep their mortgages an average of 5 years before refinancing … that “30-yr-6%” mortgage rate is a minimum of 107%. So, if you’re a banker, you continue predatory lending and set people up then want to foreclose to be able to resell and get 580%.
Here’s another way to look at it, using for example, a $150,000 30-yr fixed-rated mortgage at 6%:
Yr---interest pd-------principal pd-------balance owed
NO ONE! will believe you about the No. 1 NWO bank conspiracy ? 6% <b style="color:black;background-color:#a0ffff">fixed</b> <b style="color:black;background-color:#99ff99">rate</b> <b style="color:black;background-color:#ff9999">mortgage</b> is a 5

On a 30 yr 6% fixed rate mortgage, borrowing $150,000, you pay $173,774 in INTEREST!. And that's if you don't refinance.

Same goes for car loans, appliance loans. The longer the loan, the cheaper in SEEMS, but in reality, the more it costs.

SO, how are the banks going broke, when they are make over 100% profit on money that wasn't theirs in the first place??
The money is going out of the country, in the form of Credit Swap Accounts, to mainly a place named the "Isle of Man" of
which the Queen of England is the head of. It's a corporate takeover.

Credit is voluntary slavery, which is exactly where they want you.

stompk 09-28-2008 08:23 AM

Re: Keeping the Credit Flowing.

The Great Depression was the worst economic slump ever in U.S. history, and one which spread to virtually all of the industrialized world
Three quarters of the U.S. population would spend essentially all of their yearly incomes to purchase consumer goods such as food, clothes, radios, and cars. These were the poor and middle class: families with incomes around, or usually less than, $2,500 a year. The bottom three quarters of the population had an aggregate income of less than 45% of the combined national income; the top 25% of the population took in more than 55% of the national income
Through such a period of imbalance, the U.S. came to rely upon two things in order for the economy to remain on an even keel: credit sales, and luxury spending and investment from the rich.

One obvious solution to the problem of the vast majority of the population not having enough money to satisfy all their needs was to let those who wanted goods buy products on credit. The concept of buying now and paying later caught on quickly. By the end of the 1920's 60% of cars and 80% of radios were bought on installment credit16. Between 1925 and 1929 the total amount of outstanding installment credit more than doubled from $1.38 billion to around $3 billion17. Installment credit allowed one to "telescope the future into the present", as the President's Committee on Social Trends noted18. This strategy created artificial demand for products which people could not ordinarily afford. It put off the day of reckoning, but it made the downfall worse when it came.
The Main Causes of the Great Depression

Sound familiar?

And Bernanke is a "scholar" of the great depression.

Yet he is pushing for this bailout, to keep the credit markets from freezing?

When will people wake up?

We are being played into a trap. Ultimate financial control through credit slavery.

Got your mark yet?

Six hundred, "three score" and six.

Three score is a reference to your credit score.

stompk 09-28-2008 10:39 AM

Re: Keeping the Credit Flowing.
A small quote from Bernanke

Bernanke is particularly interested in the economic and political causes of the Great Depression, on which he has written extensively. On Milton Friedman's ninetieth birthday, November 8, 2002, he stated: "Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve System. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. You're right, we did it. We're very sorry. But thanks to you, we won't do it again."
Ben Bernanke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Ozziecynic 10-10-2008 10:59 PM

Re: Keeping the Credit Flowing.

However, credit has to be available to the people.
And thus the cycle will continue! Square one again except there wont even be sqaure one to go back to the US is finished this time good riddence i ve already decided to take Mandarin lessons I suggest you yanks start taking lessons in latin your going to need them those people from the continent to the sth of ya are already eyeing off your real estate!:rolleyes:

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