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regdafish 09-29-2008 03:47 PM

Digital Stalking
Involves the murky world of information held about you.

It's a cracking read and based on true accounts.

At 7.30am on Wednesday 21st November 2007, six members of Leeds CID arrived at author Mick McCann's house and arrested him and his wife. The house was searched around the children preparing for school, and 14 items were removed. Taken to the Bridewell, the suspects were photographed, fingerprinted and DNA extracted before being released on bail. Neither had a police record, not so much as a parking ticket. They were arrested under 'suspicion of making malicious phone calls' using a SIM card that Mrs McCann had given away four to five years earlier. This was the third time they had been questioned by the police regarding this SIM card. In this novel, Mick McCann gives an account of the real events and weaves them through a fiction that is Nailed - Digital Stalking in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

From the Publisher
How many SIM cards have you ever had? And your family, how many?

Have you cancelled all the old SIM cards?

Perhaps you should.

You wouldn't want to get Nailed.[/quote]

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