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stompk 10-19-2008 08:59 AM

Economic Wreckonomic
Earlier this year, the US government sent out what they called the "stimulus package". From all observation, it was fairly successful. Yet in the "bailout package" the average taxpayer doesn't get squat, except for the assumption that loans will still be available.

Note to gov.!!!

We don't WANT to borrow more money, ESPECIALLY from our own government.

How about another "stimulus package", except instead of loaning it to the banks, why not give it to the people. But instead of $600-$1200, make it $10000-$20000. Those people, would then in turn, get their loans caught up, and prop back up the banks, and that money would be directly sucked back up by the tax system, yet our country may avert financial armageddon.

Somehow, I don't think the gov wants people to have this kind of power over their own financial destiny. They want us to remain slaves to credit, and the powerful banking system, where people make their living off of other peoples hard work.

Demand from your government what is rightfully yours. The persuit of happiness.

stompk 10-19-2008 09:11 AM

Re: Economic Wreckonomic
Second, if I were in charge, I would suspend all income taxes for 3 months, with an option to extend.

Talk about small business stimulus, and also further stimulus for the average taxpayer.

So far, around $4trillion has been lent to the banks through the lending window, to prop them up and keep their doors open. Yet the red tape is sucking up all the benefits to working, taxpaying citizen, and giving $400,000 vacations to those who have already screwed up.

So, my idea is that if we took the stimulus directly to those who hand the bailout is supposedly supposed to help, we could actually get ourselves out of this mess.

But, global economics are being hijacked, and further economic slavery will be the POS of the day.

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