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Time=Now 11-01-2008 08:36 AM

THE TIME IS NOW! Worldwide Internet Censorship Starting Now!
Worldwide Internet Censorship STARTING NOW!

A Net is Being Put Over the Internet...

Editors note: The time is literally NOW to get the word out! - Stop debating what is true or not, or who's a dis-info agent or whatever, PLEASE! Don't believe me; connect the dots yourself, & by inference the evidence shines for itself, in films such as Loose Change final Cut, End Game, David Icke's work & others. Just look it all over, & take what you want, but by just being aware of the master plan, we have a chance in preventing the loss of what could be a wonderful future; our destiny... - What is supposed to be. We ALL have to come together, stand up, & take action!
Now would be the perfect time to highlight that there was a recent study that shows how using the internet can actually make you smarter, & increase your intelligence. Not only by learning new things, but because the sheer act of surfing around stimulates the brain. This is similar to the study that states that playing video games improves the mind, given that they are not played for long durations.
This clearly does not jive with the elite's desire to dumb us down, so the internet is going down. Mainly, for obvious reasons; the truth IS out there... Online, & it's getting out too fast for their liking. We can expect that this is going to occur very shortly, for the act of censorship gives rise to an inevitable suspicion that they have something to hide, so we have to move FAST!
They sell the censorship to (some) parents by claiming that it's because there is porn all over the net, when it can be found in STORES, and the last time I checked, one does not require an internet connection to walk into a store.

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BeenThereDoneThat 11-01-2008 09:16 PM

Re: THE TIME IS NOW! Worldwide Internet Censorship Starting Now!
Then these ****** ******'* wont like me too *******much will they? The world is ****** and no one is immune from ****,*****,***.******,*****,****** and the meat grinder.What a ****ing disaster when a bunch of ****** ******'s can ******* destroy every ******* persons life. It is a ****** ****ing shame. Oh ****!

To have a more peaceful version of this reply , replace **** with any pleasnt word you like, :) I will rest a while while ya all figure out what is up!

IT is a NEW WORLD Oportunity for those in the dark!

Time=Now 11-02-2008 12:09 AM

Re: THE TIME IS NOW! Worldwide Internet Censorship Starting Now!
Erm... I have no idea what you are talking about, & I want to stress that the internet could be no more in as soon as a few weeks, but I give it a bit longer than that.


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