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BlueAngel 11-25-2008 06:59 PM

The Very Rich Receive Farm Subsidies
One being a Rockefeller and another with a top position at Microsoft.

Many of them make a salary of two million dollars and higher.

The very wealthy stealing from our farmers.

Too many rich U.S. farmers get subsidies: GAO - Yahoo! News


For example, the GAO previously rapped the USDA for paying $1.1 billion between 1999 and 2005 to more than 170,000 people who were no longer alive.


How does someone who is deceased receive money?

I think it's called fraud.

ghoulpuke 11-27-2008 07:23 AM

Re: The Very Rich Receive Farm Subsidies
Ken Lay, the robber baron of Enron, received farm subsidies. Congress acts like they're helping out Joe the Farmer with farm subsidies, but it becomes corporate welfare for agribusiness and third yacht/fourth mansion money for billionaires.

BlueAngel 11-28-2008 09:50 PM

Re: The Very Rich Receive Farm Subsidies
The rich have the means and ways to get what they want and don't need because they have everything.

It's a sad state of affairs.

The more THEY have, the more THEY want.

Millions of people are without health insurance and these rich bastards who want for NOTHING steal from the poor.

BlueAngel 12-01-2008 10:39 PM

Re: The Very Rich Receive Farm Subsidies
This makes me sick because our farmers grow our food and, many times, with or without subsidies they struggle to hold onto their farms.

Maybe it's because the money they should be receiving is being diverted to the very wealthy.

The wealthy DO NOT need GOVERNMENT assistance.


They use them as a "tax shelter" and receive subsides as if they're farming for us.

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