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Jackinthebox 12-01-2008 02:44 PM

Most Dangerous Vide on the 'net (take the red pill)
This is the truth about social engineering and civilization as we know it...

Laokin 10-13-2009 06:22 PM

Re: Most Dangerous Vide on the 'net (take the red pill)

Originally Posted by Jackinthebox (Post 53628)
This is the truth about social engineering and civilization as we know it...

YouTube - True News 13: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix

Wow. Well put. This is more or less my position of the only conspiracy theory that is actually true. Sure there may be minor conspiracies inside of this one, but they all stem from ideological positions. If it were truly a democracy, we should be able to vote that government shouldn't exist. Alas, there is no option.

This is my new favorite video of all time.

Thank you sir Jack.

upagainstit 02-27-2010 01:34 PM

Re: Most Dangerous Vide on the 'net (take the red pill)
Well presented "article" in video form.

In addition to the video in posts above:

this link is for - in text - format
also has - free books "link" - written by
the person behind it - Stepan Molyneux
True News 13: Statism is Dead - Part 3 - The Matrix - Freedomain Radio - Free Philosophy Books

upagainstit 02-27-2010 09:31 PM

Re: Most Dangerous Vide on the 'net (take the red pill)
This video points to the established world around as farmers of people.

What will changing things from the populace entail?
I dunno: maybe his free book downloads in pdf offer additional info.
I have downloaded them, just now, haven't read them yet.

Current "governments" are of the opinion that
people cannot be "free" to be their selves,
as in: Life aught naught to be able to - freely become.
I am of the opinion that this "concept" of governments around,
goes back further in time than present day generally would think.
Like - way back - to this side of things be - or - we wouldn't be.

We are well nowhere in sight of being able to take it from - in the streets.

Even "if" we were to - what you could call - set things right:
what - makes us think - that will do it - from then on?

Chances are, that the surface "appearance" of anything like that -
would succumb - to a "resurgence" of - restoring order - like before.

Looks like:
we would have to find a way of - integrating - from now to when.(?)

Present day minds, could very well "see", what's being said,
but - we would be met with "resistance" - more than - we are aware of.

Life freely becoming - is nowhere in sight.
Such "life" to be - is well beaten down to our - conscious level - is what's left.
Everything else - in addition to us - is being used against us. Inside and out.
They have us - in their - foreign control.
They simply "inundate" us with -
where are - the answers "already" - that we wouldn't have.
Answers alone - would not even be - good enough.

there would not - be any such thing - as - not reverting.

Chances are:
that "our" - bringing these things to the forefront,
is just - the established around - "gutting" it - from us.
Talk is cheap - Talk is dead.
People in the streets - and - the established around -
are not of the same "minds".

Even "if" - we can think of these things -
we - don't have a clue - to bringing about.

Unlikely, that there is a "transition", anywhere - upfront.

Ourselves and the established around - are not on - the same side.
It would be "us" - against them.
Most people "around" us - would not be - with us.

Who are "us" - nevermind - "who" wants - what "we" want?

There would - still - have to be - an order - about everyone.
This is the - stumbling block - of - established order about.

Currently - established order around -
(which goes further than - this physical world - that we see)
has all but - blatantly - declared itself - different of - life - freely becoming.

Life - freely becoming - is where it "must have" - all started from.
Life - freely becoming - is all but - blatantly - extant.

There would still have to be an order about.
That order about - cannot be ran - from - in the street.

Nobody - is going to - elect - such order about.

That - order about - will have to - manage - on its' own.

That "order about" even though, it would be for - freeing us,
would be - up against - most of us.
Most of "us" - would be allied - as established around - already would have it.

As far as this side of things go, this has been going on,
since - time immemorial.
Life - freely becoming - is already - on its' last legs.

Already established around - is not even "interested" -
in "life" - freely becoming.
We are at - opposite ends - to the extreme.
They already are - we have yet to - even start.
Nevermind - we are - what's left - and - we are - down to - a conscious level.

Nevermind - life - freely becoming - must have - been there - done that.
Nevermind - you won't - find that - in this planets' - recorded history.
Where is the history of it all - if all the history is here?
There's a lot of - this is the "beginning" around.
What makes you think - this - isn't the "ending"?

When it comes to:
knowing things - pertaining to ourselves -
out there already are - says it "knows, nothing".
We are "covered" every ping of the way.
How can it be - that they do not know?

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