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CB_Brooklyn 12-06-2008 05:28 PM

Obama Will NOT Save The Country
Obama Will NOT Save The Country

Obama Will NOT Save The Country. First of all, he’s not eligible to be President of the United States. Here we have the Ambassador of Kenya confirming Barack Obama born in Kenya, making him ineligible. And second, Obama’s economic advisor is in the Skull and Bones secret society.

For those who think Skull and Bones is just a regular fraternity at Yale University, think again. Yale graduate and New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Robbins interviewed over 100 Bonesmen for her book “Secrets of the Tomb”“Secrets of the Tomb” .

A few excerpts:


… Skull and Bones has curled its tentacles into every reach of American society. This tiny club has set up networks that have thrust three members to the most powerful political position in the world. And its power is only increasing - the 2004 Presidential election might showcase the first time each ticket has been led by a Bonesman. The secret society now, as one historian admonishes, is "'an international mafia' . . . unregulated and all but unknown." In its quest to create a New World Order that restricts individual freedoms and places ultimate power solely in the hands of a small cult of wealthy, prominent families, Skull and Bones has already succeeded in infiltrating nearly every major research, policy, financial, media, and government institution in the country. Skull and Bones, in fact, has been running the United States for years.

… During initiation, which involves ritualistic psychological conditioning, the juniors wrestle in mud and are physically beaten - this stage of the ceremony represents their "death" to the world as they have known it. They then lie naked in coffins, masturbate, and reveal to the society their innermost sexual secrets. … It is during this initiation that the new members are introduced to the artifacts in the tomb, among them Nazi memorabilia - including a set of Hitler's silverware - dozens of skulls, and an assortment of decorative tchochkes: coffins, skeletons, and innards. They are also introduced to "the Bones whore," the tomb's only full-time resident, who helps to ensure that the Bonesmen leave the tomb more mature than when they entered.

... Bonesmen are automatically offered jobs at the many investment banks and law firms dominated by their secret society brothers. They are also given exclusive access to the Skull and Bones island, a lush retreat built for millionaires, with a lavish mansion and a bevy of women at the members disposal.

… Several Bonesmen have been senators, congressmen, Supreme Court justices, and cabinet officials. There is a Bones cell in the CIA, which uses Skull and Bones as a recruiting ground because the members are so obviously adept at keeping secrets. Society members dominate financial institutions such as J.P. Morgan, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and Brown Brothers Harriman, where at one time more than a third of the partners were Bonesmen. Through these companies, Skull and Bones provided financial backing to Adolf Hitler because the society then followed a Nazi - and now follows a neo-Nazi - doctrine. At least one dozen Bonesmen have been linked to the Federal Reserve, including the first Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve. Skull and Bones members control the wealth of the Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford families.

Skull and Bones has also taken steps to control the American media. Two of its members founded the law firm that represents the New York Times. Plans for both Time and Newsweek magazines were hatched in the Skull and Bones tomb. The society has controlled publishing houses such as Farrar, Straus, & Giroux. In the 1880s, Skull and Bones created the American Historical Association, the American Psychological Association, and the American Economic Association so that the society could ensure that history would be written under its terms and promote its objectives. The society then installed its own members as the presidents of these associations.


More excerpts available here.

Watch this ABC News clip from 1981 for information on the Global Elite’s “hangout”, Bohemian Grove.
Do you know these people worship a stone owl?

Here’s a quote from former presidential advisor David Gergen concerning the $700 billion bailout.
Notice how he protects the criminals (last two sentences):

It seemed for -- to a lot of people at a grassroots level, this is $700 billion for rich people, to bail them out for their mistakes and to help them through things.

In fact, these toxic assets are there in part because there was some misdeeds. And I think that, yes, but we have also got to be careful how we describe it. I think we have to make -- not make this just about villains.

The truth is, one of the reasons we got into this is that incomes in this country have been going sideways and down, and a lot of people couldn't afford houses. they couldn't afford the down payments on homes.

And, so, they were in trouble. And the real issue is, how do you restore good jobs in this country, good jobs, at the grassroots level, so middle-income Americans can in fact afford homing -- homes again?

That is -- that is as much the villain here as anything else. So, I don't think it benefits us to say it's simply a bunch of scalawags or crooks who got us into this trouble. I think it's a much deeper, more pervasive problem than that.


The Truth is Gergen attended the Bohemian Grove’s owl worshiping ritual.
At least Gergen told the Washington Times that he did NOT run around the woods naked with the others at Bohemian Grove.

Christopher Story, Editor and Publisher of International Currency Review, explains the $700 billion bailout was nothing more than on-the-books cash for the criminals’ new trading platform:

Latest False Prospectus From 'Paulson's' Treasury
Deceitful Transfer Of Bank Assets To Buyer Without Recourse

Secondary Sausages From The D.C. Sausage Machine
Washington Theatre Diverts Attention From The Primary Sausages

The bailout bill is UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

Obama voted FOR the unconstitutional bailout. Incidentally, he also voted FOR the Patriot Act.

See this link for more “dirt” on Obama:
Why I FEAR Obama like no other, like no other

Why didn’t CNN/FOX see to it that every American knew the following information?

May 5, 2008 - New York Times
Government Intensifies Mortgage Investigation

June 19, 2008 - CBS/Associated Press
FBI Cracks Down On Mortgage Fraud
400 Real Estate Industry Players Indicted; Victims Lost More Than $1 Billion In Various Scheme

June 19, 2008 - CBS/Associated Press
Bear Stearns Pair Surrenders To Feds
Ex-Hedge Fund Managers Face Criminal Charges Over Misleading Investors On Subprime Market
(Misleading title. They did not voluntarily surrender, they were forcibly arrested!)

September 23, 2008 - CNN
FBI probing bailout firms
Investigators start to search for fraud at Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers and AIG, sources say.

September 29, 2008 - Associated Press
Fannie, Freddie disclose subpoenas, investigations

October 28, 2008 - New York Times
F.B.I. Struggles to Handle Financial Fraud Cases

June 2, 2008 - UK Telegraph
Safety deposit box raids yield £1bn of drugs, cash and guns
Police have seized a potential £1 billion “treasure trove” of cash, drugs and guns in an unprecedented raid on concrete vaults holding 7,000 safety deposit boxes.

June 13, 2008 - UK Telegraph
Police seize £53 million in security box raids
Detectives have seized £53.5 million in cash, four guns and a large number of gold bars after unprecedented raids on concrete vaults holding almost 7,000 safety deposit boxes

October 31, 2008 - World Reports Limited
Blair Has ‘Rolled Over’ To Avoid Arrest And Jail
‘Shops’ The Pope, Merkel, Deutsche Bank, Hungary And The Octopus

With Americans continuing their silly left vs right debates, the Global Elite dominate and control. Their plan? A New World Order, as George Bush Sr in a speech to a Joint Session of Congress on September 11, 1990. Bush Sr, Bush Jr, and even GrandDaddy Prescott Bush are all on the membership roster of Skull and Bones. John Kerry, who ran against Bush in 2004, is also in Skull and Bones. John Bolton, who worked with numerous Republican presidential administrations, is a Bonesman. So is Obama’s economic adviser, Austan Goolsbee. The same with Washington Post editor Dana Milbank.

How much worse will this country need to get before YOU do something?

The retail industry is collapsing:

Circuit City is closing 155 of its 700 stores.
Linens 'n Things and The Sharper Image are closing ALL stores.

What will save the country? Distribution of the multi-trillion dollar Settlement package.

See Christopher Story’s article below. It is important to note that even though Obama is publicly pushing for the Settlement package, he really works with the Global Elite. The Global Elite run both democrats AND republicans. Obama has his own agenda!

December 3, 2008 - World Reports Limited
Washington Exposed As Secretly Financing Al-Qaeda

* Biggest Terrorism Scandal In World History Unfolding Before Our Eyes
* Secret Room Inside Morgan Stanley Funding Al-Qaeda And Global Terrorism
* Cover-Up Operations 'Blown': Washington Has Been Financing Global Terror

So, what can you do to help the country? Simple. Check here and here and DO it. Encourage others as well.

Don’t waste time - just do it!

CB_Brooklyn 12-06-2008 08:03 PM

Re: Obama Will NOT Save The Country
Don't get angry at me. I'm one of the people "doing something" by posting this information.

PandethMegatera 01-07-2009 01:45 AM

Re: Obama Will NOT Save The Country
I agree that Obama won't save the country. I could give less then a shit if he's not born in the US, and this is the first i've herd about obama being in skull&bones (although it wouldn't surprise me), but i do know hes in the CFR and a puppet of Brzenzski (same person who ran the Carter Administration)

I live in Canada and I see people come to the grocery store i work at with freakin Obama shirts. People are so happy over the fact that Obamas making history by being the first black president. Well thats good and fine, but remeber that just because he's black doesn't make him incapable of being completely full of shit like every other politician.
I remember the day when got elected and being online xbox live and hearing all the americans cheering when he won, as if he had already brought the troops home and fixed the economic situation, which he won't do anyways.
People need to understand the election is a farce, and is only their for one reason, to give people the illusion that they actually have a choice. This isn't a democracy this is the Orwellian state where War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength.

anyways im way too tired to find a way to wrap this up so im just gonna say good night

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