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marypopinz 01-09-2005 08:38 PM

I agree Henry, bar 1 point...
This is an email I sent to henry, after reading his latest great article @ Dude is clued up!

Anyhoo, wanted to get some other comments and perspectives on this matter as it is my pet peeve of society. I also happen to believe it to be the achilles heel of the NWO agenda. I believe this agenda will be their undoing and their downfall. I really do.

Dear Henry,

I completely agree with your article, bar one most relavent point. No need to sugar-coat the truth is my belief.

"As my readers know, I believe the sexual revolution was really homosexual in nature. " Henry.

I disagree. Pedophilia, as it is known in mainstream society, or pedastry, as it is known in some very sick jewish circles is the agenda. The Kinsey report was created, is being glorified in Hollywood, as we type, and is purposefully meant to break down the sexual boundaries past homosexuality and all the way, straight into pedophilia.

The intention behind the subjects of study for Kinsey and ergo the sexual revolution were pedophiles and pedophilia. The intention is to lay the groundwork to make it acceptable within society and O.K. to prey sexually on children - Satan's agenda.

Homosexuality is merely a stepping stone. My two cents.


Mary XXX

zanyzan311 01-09-2005 08:48 PM

Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...
right on as usual mary. anybody see the NMBLA episode on south park? they made it a couple of years ago and its becoming reality. those cats know their $@#%!

freeman 01-09-2005 09:08 PM

Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...
Why is the evil always progressive? Why do they (NWO Satanists) continuously have to reach for the next lower rung on the ladder?
It's like they crave the evil, feed off it or something. Isn't the homosexual and feminist agenda enough to undermine traditional family values? Why must they forge on to pedophilia, then maybe bestiality, or who knows what comes next?

marypopinz 01-09-2005 09:38 PM

Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...
Beastiality is already acceptable.

You can find it in a bar in Tijuana; it's a part of the stage show. You can easily buy a video or a magazine regarding said subject. It's accepted, if not legal.

Oo oo icky poo! It's all happening now, as it has for many, many years. They just want more of us to lower our moral standards and decay our sexual boundaries to their level. They want more of us to join their club, hence creating more evil.

Lamestream media and public education serve the purposes of the devil as the devil is in the advertising and it is all advertising.

Ever seen an honest infomercial?
Read a history book, you'll get the idea.


thokhanCep 01-09-2005 10:39 PM

Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...
Hey freeman you forgot one of the sickest most twisted satanic practices:

That new makow fact was on point. Mr Makow? Will you be releasing a new book with NWO content and their mind molding apparati?

marypopinz 01-10-2005 07:02 AM

Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...
Sex with dead people?

Oh, yeah - that stuff Satanic bastards like to do in their Snuff vidoes. What better evidence to hold over the head of a country, than having him engage in pedophilia and force a child to engage in necrophilia towards another child, after he's been raped and murdered in his presence? They like to throw a party and pass the video, and the surviving children, around.

Oprah says molestation is by seduction only, that old Uncle Tom %&^%^#@#$^*^%%&^. I have read a lot of "evidence" on the internet denying ritual Satanic abuse. Apparently, it is the psychologists who have been placing these thoughts in the children's heads.

Well, my mate in England who suffered ritual satanic abuse, as a child, would kindly tell everyone here, that it is real and it goes on and it is a living nightmare of hell for the children involved.

But talking about this stuff makes people uncomfortable...

There are Canadian and British and American representatives of government who are active pedophiles. They are actively seeking to further the agenda of the devil - raping God's children.

This is the ugly truth and I am sorry if it offends any. The truth must come to light. These are the people running the show.

Cowards. They have no real power. God's gonna shine a light and the cockroaches and sewage rats are gonna have to scurry. The public is gonna be out for blood, I can feel it coming. With the light of truth shining, where are they gonna hide?

Who would protect a pedophile? A judge and the law?

I don't profess to know what God thinks, and I know I believe it is high time for things to change for the better and I have been noticing, gradually, the signs of positive change. Slowly but surely.

First, the truth must come to light and that, in itself, will effect change. This is happening everywhere. People are starting to learn more about the truth of what is our present day reality.

I believe in my pea brain, that by me telling you that Senator Buchanan, former Premiere of Nova Scotia, liked three pool boys and three house boys at his pool parties, his future might not go as he had hoped. With our combined prayers, God may intervene.

Him and his "friends" used to pluck boys from the Shelburne Home for Boys. If you were naughty, as a child in this province, you weren't sent to an adult jail, you were sent to a confined children's facility where the chances were 50/50 whether you were molested or not.

Is this God's divine Justice or satan's agenda?

Mary XXX

rangergord 01-11-2005 06:06 AM

Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...
Senator seeks to lower vote age

"SACRAMENTO - Sen. John Vasconcellos, in an unusual and likely quixotic bid to boost participation at the polls, introduced a bill Monday to allow Californians as young as 14 to vote."

This story come out at the time when the gay wedding cake saga was at it's peak. It laid the agenda clear: pedophilia.

marypopinz 01-12-2005 07:05 PM

Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...
I went to henry's site and found this feedback that explained things much better than what I could have said.

I am confused by a society who will blindly stand by and watch life as a spectator sport.

Confused is the only word I can think of and I'm hardly ever lost for words.

Ever watch the new and improved "Simpson's" called "Family Guy"? By watching the opening segment of the show, you would think it were peaches and creme.

Watch a witty espisode, it is funny as shit and sicker than fuck - watch a show and catch the references to children having sex and pedophilia. "Southpark" is not so subtley broadcasting this fucked up message too. And people think this is good way to raise children?

How blind and careless can parents be? How far will this go until the parents get a fucking clue and start rebelling, any way they can? How long?

Shall we all fight about religion, in the meantime? Or maybe we should have a bitch fest regarding global politics and corruption of said world?

Oh, I know... let's all just close our eyes and pretend this nightmare called reality isn't going to effect our world.

Let's all just sleep, shall we?

How angry am I to realize that I am not the only little person to figure out the nature of their sick agenda?

Mary XXX

" January 09, 2005

marriage I agree with 'Mary xxx's comment, " Homosexuality is merely a stepping stone. My two cents. " [Below, Mary says acceptance of pedophilia is the real goal.]

Here's why..

First, is simple analysis using the tools of socio-cultural anthropology. Gays and lesbians can never procreate. Every gay I've ever known had the experience of repeated sexual encounters with a male adult before or during puberty---whether it was a father, an uncle, a priest, teacher, or stranger. (I don't know about lesbians, they've never confided in me. On the evidence, though, lesbians seem to have also been sexually abused by a man early on).

Through the anthropological lens, homosexuals can only generate new homosexuals through childhood trauma or childhood indoctrination. People do not suddenly turn gay once they've reached adulthood.

There is an old Jesuit expression, "give us a child till they're six, and they're ours for life".

If Kinsey had been a real and objective scientist, his research would have shown this. Instead, he skewed his 'research' by interviewing mostly prisoners, pedophiles, and prostitutes. He deliberately concealed this fact, and presented the material as if his test subjects were drawn from a cross section of the broad population.

Kinsey was funded by non other than the Rockefeller Foundation. Anyone has to at least consider that his success may have come from having the kind of support from behind the scenes that was in a position to also fund the national media campaign supporting his findings. (Favorable press, Time Magazine, for instance.)

This is fairly logical, obvious stuff. But I suggest a deeper reason why 'homosexuality is merely a stepping stone'.

The use of pedophilia by satanists is essential to generating more of their kind, also. Satanists know that they must 'corrupt innocence' as soon as possible in people's lives. They use a technique of inducing severe traumas in inductees, in order to shatter their identities. By instilling guilt and the ultimate feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, they leave inducted children knowing no choice but to submit to the cult, and to embrace the satanic philosophy.

A meaningful question to ask, is 'Why did Fox(Hollywood) decide to produce a movie to canonize Kinsey, now?"
Homosexuality is already legal and 'mainstreamed'. What other focus of Kinsey's legacy do they seek to promote?


I just recently came across your site and enjoy reading your articles. It is sad to see a society that has allowed itself to become seduced. It's seduction is in subtle ways that it allows male bashing and ultra feminism to run rampant. I have begun to see it more and more on television and commercials.

Thank-you having the guts and courage to point out truths and observations. It is nice to see someone taking a stand on what alot of folks take for granted. Marriage is a great institution and can work great if folks would only take time to read the instruction manual written by the most knowledgiable author in the universe, those being the Bible and God. Thanks again and keep up the good work.


Hello Henry, thank you for your fascinating article on "Why Men are Losing Interest in Women" (Ravages of Feminism). You don't say if you are a Christian,or Orthodox Jew, but this is a popular stance in both conservative wings. Ironically, I googled up your article by typing, "women attracted to controlling men". I thought there was something wrong with me that I married a somewhat dominant man, and in the past was attracted to other men even more "controlling" than he. The Women's movement had me convinced that I am weak in wanting to be "taken care of".

I have not ever desired a career, although I have a college degree and always thought I would have to work. I have been blessed to be a stay at home mom for the most part; when I do get a part time job, it never brings me satisfaction nor fullfillment. I enjoy being, as my college friends chided "a kept woman" Anyway thanks again for the good article.


It's [Reserve Sex for Marriage] an easy message from a married guy to married guys who can get it whenever they want, or older guys who don't want it very often and often can't get it up when they do, but just try telling it to an unmarried teen or 20's guy who is walking around with a hard-on most of the time in this sex-crazed world. Feggeddaboutit!!


I am pleased to hear what you are saying and have said in past articles. I have a 15 y.o son, and I am a single mother who is praying that her son does not fall into the many traps set before him by contemporary society. ...

I, too, was a victim of confusion and hurt while grown up, and have yet to find a satisfying mate such as you now have. As I am now approaching 50, I look back and am saddened by the prospect that young people today are "set up" for defeat in this area, just as I was. I am happy to know that with YHWH, all things are possible, and believe for supernatural protection for me and my son on a daily basis, as there are many, many wolves circling, everywhere you go.

I don't even go to a church as the last three "christian" men I dated were worse than the "secular" ones. One was even a pastor, if you can believe that.
Thank you for writing the articles, as I will have my son read it. It is a good thing for my son to "hear it from a guy"!

Keep writing, it encourages me.

Henry - my blood pressure after reading your article must be 240/180 - you absolutely make my blood BOIL. You would like to keep all females virginal until "deflowered" by the groom - that is AFTER being walked down the aisle in virginal white and given away like a piece of chattel by her father. May I ask you WHY?????What the devil is YOUR problem with women anyway - I have read quite a few of your articles and each time I become so aggravated I promise myself I will never read another one - but stupidity keeps me coming back for more.

HOWEVER - this one Henry is over the top......I am 10 years your senior and probably look 10 years your junior thanks to a lifetime of good genes and taking care of myself. I have been engaged and married several times and have had many lovers and would not take back ONE nanosecond of my wonderful life. I also have a fine son who is a professional and happily married from one of these marriages.

So, Mr PhD Henry (what the devil is your PhD in anyway) - my life is just AOK - despite having "come of age" in one of the most repressive of eras known to females - the '50's - I can recall being the "odd one out" on numerous occasions because I always questioned the double standard - like why buy the cow when you can get the milk etc. Henry, I leave you with:



Dear Henry,

I completely agree with your article, bar one most relavent point. No need to sugar-coat the truth is my belief.

You know the rest...

freeman 01-12-2005 09:12 PM

Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...
I saw the same feedback and was just as impressed by it, especially this part:


The use of pedophilia by satanists is essential to generating more of their kind, also. Satanists know that they must 'corrupt innocence' as soon as possible in people's lives. They use a technique of inducing severe traumas in inductees, in order to shatter their identities. By instilling guilt and the ultimate feelings of helplessness and hopelessness, they leave inducted children knowing no choice but to submit to the cult, and to embrace the satanic philosophy.
I've said it before and I'll repeat it again: the ultimate goal of this gender confusion and social dysfunction is satanism.
No other conclusion fits the structure. Mere global elitism would stop short of such pervasive evil, since it isn't necessary just to maintain political and financial control.

truebeliever 01-12-2005 10:02 PM

Re: I agree Henry, bar 1 point...
I disagree whole heartedly Mary.

I get around alot. I know alot of people from all over the world. I've mixed with hard core Romanian drug dealers to Russian Orthodox Monks (actually not so far apart). To link Homosexuality and Paedophilia is spurious at best.

I have many male friends who are bi-sexual or homosexual. They know my views on the subject. It is between them and God.

Many humans of the homosexual persuasian hate the 'gay lifestyle' as much as you and me. They simply want to let and let live.

I'm not sue what type of sexual predators you are aware of but the vast majority who prey on children are heterosexual. Usually the father or close male relative. Of course females preying on children is another matter not spoken of.

Paedophilia is undoubtably over due it's un covering. The sick thing about it is that it ranges over the entire demographic. There is no segment of society untouched.

The sad fat is that it has ALWAYS been. Not so long ago it was parse for the English gentleman to have a wife, mistress and young boy he buggered.

People would even swap children over as veritable slaves to a household.

The Elite are heavily involved in this area. They are bored sick individuals with far to much time and money on their hands.

They are heavy drug users particularly of Amphetamines and Cocaine. Amphetamines inparticular is wrecking society far more than Heroin EVER did.

It destroys the frontal lobes making ethical and moral decisions less able to be processed. More and more bizarre behaviour ensures as a result. Almost like the unconscious is desperatley trying to make the individual feel something...anything.

So many of the murders, child kidnappings, occult practices have heavy drug use involved. This also includes leagal SSRI's like Prozac

I have never believed that the state has any right to tell me what i can and cannot put into my body.

However, drugs are ripping apart society to such an extent that something needs to be done. Of course the fact that the Elite control the drug trade is the big joke on us.

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