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Kaje23 01-16-2009 12:47 AM

Introducing myself
Hello all, Glad to find a forum of like-minded (and hopefully not so like-minded so I can truly learn) people who'll try to share their views and opinions in an intelligent and mature way. I don't expect it to be totally free from immature types, but from what I've seen of the thoughtful responses from the moderator and old timers in this forum it seems a promising place to explore and share my thoughts on many issues I have concern over or am suspect of.

My interests include 9/11 Truthing, Nibiru, Global government, media manipulation, CFA, Secret government, Zionists, world religions and their negative impact on societies, Middle East conflicts, surveillance technologies, transhumanism, the US governments involvement in "terror" mongering, Corporate fascism, assasinations and am open to learning more from you fine distrusting folk.

Yes, I also have a distrust of the US government, organized religion, the conventional media and am also open to suspect any other agencies I learn of showing corruption and hidden agendas.

Oh yeah, and my name is K.J., 38 y/o male living in Seattle, WA.

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