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SeC 01-22-2009 08:00 AM

GOD asks us to LOVE terrorists and terrorism
GOD asks us to LOVE terrorists and terrorism

On Tuesday, September 11th, 2001, mankind was deeply shocked by the terrible happenings in the USA. The United States Government promised a thorough investigation of the crimes and the punishment of those guilty of them. That apparently has happened, but many people thought that there must be more to it than was revealed. The situation which appeared to be clear at first, became more complex and less transparent with time, and burning questions were left unanswered and new questions kept coming up. Differences in official statements and the odd behaviour of Government officials gave room to speculation and left a doubt in the official version of the crimes. Many people even accused the United States Government and some Secret Services of being involved. And up to this day it is not clear WHO really had been backing the crimes and what the real motives behind them were. And people are asking questions that make them uneasy, and the answers leave them even more uneasy.

Because of the terroristic acts, the USA started new wars, and their motives and the way they were led gave room to more questions and more uneasiness worldwide. And there is the danger of more wars...

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