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Lord Tsukasa 02-26-2009 05:04 PM

Ignatius Loyola Wants Us To Believe The Jesuits Are Divine
"The nobility and populace must, by all methods, be persuaded into a
belief that the Society was instituted by the particular direction of divine
providence, according to the prophecies of the abbot Jachim, that by this
means the church, though depressed by the attempts of heretics, may be
raised again to its primitive luster."-Ignatius Loyola, Founder of the Jesuits

What is he saying here?

He is saying people must be convinced that the Jesuits were established under the direction of God so that the Roman Catholic Church can become more powerful. Consider that if it actually was founded under the direction of God, Loyola would not say that the people must be 'persuaded' of this. Loyola is admitting that he wants to deceive people about the Jesuits. Loyola died a long time ago, and said this in his "Secret Instructions of the Jesuits", which were written by him a very long time ago. Back then, the population was not very literate or intelligent, and they would not understand what he was saying. When we read it now, however, we can identify the fact that Loyola is telling us that he wants people to be deceived.

Will you fall for the Jesuit Order's tricks and traps?

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