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Leonardo 03-12-2009 11:22 AM

BlueAngel is under attack
I sense this.

Darth Cacodaemon 05-12-2009 12:51 PM

Re: BlueAngel is under attack

Originally Posted by Leonardo (Post 55243)
I sense this.

I will briefly lay out my argument as to WHY BlueAngel is to be considered a non-reliable source:

1) BlueAngel admits to having been on the medication Thorazine. Thorazine, as this Wikipedia articles mentions (Chlorpromazine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) is for Quote " is principally used in the treatment of schizophrenia, though it has also been used to treat severe manic episodes in people with bipolar disorder" End Quote. This admission must mean one of several things: 1) BlueAngel suffers from Schizophrenia or 2) she had a severe episode of maniac depression.
2) The Wikipedia article on Schizophrenia ( " notes that Quote "A person diagnosed with schizophrenia may demonstrate auditory hallucinations, delusions, and disorganized and unusual thinking and speech; this may range from loss of train of thought and subject flow, with sentences only loosely connected in meaning, to incoherence, known as word salad, in severe cases. Social isolation commonly occurs for a variety of reasons. Impairment in social cognition is associated with schizophrenia, as are symptoms of paranoia from delusions and hallucinations. End Quote.
3) In a Wikipedia article on Bipolar (Bipolar disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) It is noted that Quote "Extreme manic episodes can sometimes lead to psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations." End Quote
Logically, we can infer that BlueAngel suffers a grievous mental malady that makes suspect her statements. By the definition of both of these mental illnessess treated by Thorazine, we can logically expect BlueAngel to suffer from delusions, hallucinations, e.t.c at points.

Now let us examine the writings of BlueAngel to see if we can find sings of these "delusions and hallucinations". I refer to you to this thread, for one ("They do not control their assets. The music industry is owned and operated by the CIA/Mafia. Mind control exists within. Many times, managers are handlers/controllers. Sex slaves are plentiful. Ever wonder why so many artists use so many different female names in their songs even when they're married? Ever sit down and read the lyrics to many of the songs of your favorite artist? How 'bout when an artist writes a love song of a lost love and he's married, been married for a long time. Ever wonder where this comes from? They have to use sex slaves to break hearts, to get the "creative juices" flowing, as they call it. "

Emphasis mine. First, she claims that the Qoute "music industry is owned and operated by the CIA?MAfia" End Quote. Where is the evidence of this control? Please note, that in many cases of Schizophrenia, paranoia and delusions are a common element. Knowing as we do that BlueAngel was treated for the grevious chemical imbalance with the anti-psychotic Thorazine, would it be reasonable to infer that she indeed is suffering from her sickness again and this comment is clear evidence of delusions?
Please keep in mind such a poor soul would truly believe their delusion. Again, Wikipedia serves as a good reference on this subject (Delusion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). According to the Wikipedia article and the psychologist Karl Jasper, there are three criteria used to determine wether a belief is delusional Quote These criteria are:
  • certainty (held with absolute conviction)
  • incorrigibility (not changeable by compelling counterargument or proof to the contrary)
  • impossibility or falsity of content (implausible, bizarre or patently untrue)
Can we say that BlueAngel's assertion here is Implausible? Yes, common belief holds that the CIA and the Mafia aren't the same organization and also that they aren't owned and operated by them. She claims there is "mind control". On the face of this assertion by BlueAngel, it does seem indeed "bizarre" and to most individuals in the general population "implausible"

The jury lies with you, ladies and gentleman. Are we to believe a woman who was treated with an anti-psychotic, who by the definition above is delusional? She admits to having been treated with Thorazine! We have a confession, ladies and gentleman! What more evidence do you need that BlueAngel is a gravely mentally ill woman, enslaved to delusions that make her ability to discern reality impaired?

The decision lies with you. Will you take the word of a woman who admits to being treated with Thorazine, a powerful anti-psychotic ,who offers wild, bizarre theories that are implausible, to say the very least?

Ladies and Gentleman, I ask you to act compassionately and sanely. Compassionate in that by us giving this sick, deluded, mentally ill woman attention we feed her delusions. I ask that you act sanely in denying these assertions and do the only rational thing: To urge BlueAngel to receive intensive psychotherapy and to begin a regimen of anti-psychotics so she can be restored from a state of utter insanity to sanity. BlueAngel is too sick to help herself, ladies and gentleman. We must do what is in her best interest for she, in her sick, deluded, psychotic state of mind is not.

Thank you!

Darth Cacodaemon 05-12-2009 01:46 PM

Re: BlueAngel is under attack

Originally Posted by Leonardo (Post 55243)
I sense this.


Darth Cacodaemon 05-12-2009 03:05 PM

Re: BlueAngel is under attack

Originally Posted by BlueAngel (Post 56280)
Please tell me where I stated that I have previously been on the medication Thorazine.

You said this.

Not I.

You also said that my torture didn't teach me anything.

How do you know I was tortured?

I assure you that if I were ever on the medication Thorazine, it would have been a result of the sadistic pigs who tortured and incarcerated me in MKULTRA/Project Monarch.

Obviously, the music industry is controlled by mobsters who control the record labels; the artists, the ticket outlets, etc. and I have discussed the CIA's involvement in the Mind Control within the Music Industry thread.

If you don't see this, I suggest you open your eyes.

So you do admit it..Care to disclose where you were temporarily hospitalized?

As for your assertion of the "mobsters", you haven;t offered one iota of evidence to back your claim.

As per Karl Jaspers three criteria for a delusion, it is understandable in your current state of mental illness that I won't convince you. You have a fixed delusion that is not amiable to logic. If you remember Dr Jasper clearly states that suck sick individuals as you are absolutely convinced of the truth of what they speak.
Since you are such a person, per you're obvious admission (though veiled) of having been on Thorazine, it is clear to see the delusions follow.
As a person who pities such individuals such as yourself, I would not want to support you in your deluded, psychotic beliefs. My summation was written to convince others that suppporting you in your delusion is indeed to harm you, since it gives support to what is obviously a serious psychotic delusion.
Please seek help. I am sure that there are organizations and individuals who can help people such as yourselves.

As for others here, please do not support BlueAngel in her sickness. She is a very ill woman, consumed by psychosis, delusions and paranoia.

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