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Minuteman 06-02-2005 05:28 AM

Deep throat
Oh, please! Are we not getting a little pathetic! An FBI agent revealed to be deep throat, the man who informed and brought down Nixon. Subliminal message. You can trust the FBI. Notice how mainstream media pounds the crap out of a "story" like this. How come, what for, why. Why not Sibel Edmonds? Why not Stanley Hilton? No deep throat engineered for it's minimal political damage to the republican party because no one really cares about Nixon anymore. It points out the case for there really is some integrity in government? OK, must throw up now.
That done we can move on to Sensenbrenner's latest Seig Heil legislation HR 1528 or the rat on your friends or go to jail bill.
So question.
Does this action put him on a lower scale of humanity? Lower than say a child molester or serial killer?

06-07-2005 07:28 AM

Re: Deep throat
I do not for one minute believe this man is "Deep Throat."

First of all, PLEASE do not give the code name, DEEP THROAT to a man. This was Linda Lovelace's movie!!

Secondly, this man supposedly was the reason for Nixon's resignation, details given to Woodward and gang, but identity never revealed.

How could this have been considered a source credible enough to cause a President's resignation?

So, it was Woodward everyone trusted and still does!!

Who is the real DEEP THROAT?

Certainly, not this senile, 91 year old man whom they have dug up as another distraction!!

I thought it would have been someone a bit more interesting!!

Like me, perhaps!! !!LOL!!

One should never lose their sense of humor, no matter what!!

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