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sapphire123 05-20-2009 02:35 AM

CBS renews "Cold Case" for seventh season
CBS on Sunday renewed the veteran crime drama "Cold Case 1-5," which had been facing cancellation, and was close to bringing back "Rules of Engagement," possibly again for midseason.
Over the past few months, "Case" had been in a horse race with fellow crime show "Without a Trace 1-8" for a spot on next season's schedule. "Case" is in its sixth season, and "Trace" in its seventh.
Both series posted ratings upticks this month, "Cold Case 1-5" with an episode featuring Pearl Jam tunes.
As of Sunday, the prospects for "Trace" didn't look good, though the series was still in consideration for a possible midseason order. Also not looking good to return as of Sunday was veteran CBS drama "The Unit."
Meanwhile, it's shaping to be another strong pilot pickup season for Jerry Bruckheimer, who produces both "Cold Case 1-5" and "Without a Trace 1-8."
After one of his two pilots, "The Forgotten," was picked up to series at ABC, the other, CBS' medical drama "Miami Trauma," was given the green light by the network to begin staffing.
The move, considered a precursor to a series order, follows approvals for CBS' drama pilots "Three Rivers," "The Good Wife," the "NCIS 1-4" spinoff and "U.S. Attorney."
If all five are picked up to series, CBS would have two medical dramas ("Trauma" and "Rivers") and two legal dramas ("Wife" and "Attorney") on the schedule next season.

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