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truebeliever 01-12-2005 11:21 PM

Social Engineering & Computer Games
I have a confession.

Despite my hatred of war and the death of innocents I have a love of the First Person Shooter.

The more realistic tactics involved the better. The more realistic the weaponary the better. The more detailed the graphics the better.

I like the games like Ghost Recon where you may hide under a bush for a half hour or more waiting to kill the enemy. Lots of detailed infantry tactics please.

I find my love of the high tech machinery of war hard to reconcile with the disgusting real life effects.

I'm beginning to draw the line lately as the games themselves are earily mimicking real life scenario's or is it the other way around?

Ghost Recon came out around 2001 and is based on the CIA's favourite hack Tom Clancy's cast of characters of the same name.

In the game you are army special forces detailed with moving through Central Asia up to the borders of Russia with Chechnya. Eventually you move into Russia with the aim of defeating ultra nationalist Russian coup plotters.

Much of the action centers around North & South Ossetia which happens to be where so much trouble has been happening lately. Remember the terrible School gym bombing? Central Asia is central to the NWO take over.

The next disk was based around central and sub saharan Africa including the coast of Somalia. U.S Special Forces are there right now securing and capping off the oil fields there preventing independant development.

They ar'nt there yet but the third disk has you landing in Cuba to secure it for 'democracy'. We'll wait and see. Snigger snigger.

Sub plots include backing up U.N soldiers helpless against nasty ultra nationalist locals. Characters blurt out classics like "Watch out for blue hats, they're the good guys". Hmmmm.

Next game is "Shadow Op's" where you are a member of an elite black op's unit tasked with 'dirty' missions. In more honest days these characters were called Mercenaries.

You must predictably defeat the evil terrorists who want to destroy innocent people. A large chunk takes place in the Middle East with a suitable musical accompanyment...plenty of Allah Akbah's abound. Pure Psy Op's for the young grist for the mill of the future.

In the end you prevent the killing of VIP's at a world leader summit. Shame. When will a game come out when we have to KILL the NWO leaders? I wait patiently. It will come soon. Write in for some scenario's.

The current game which has me gob smacked is "Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising". I remarked to a friend with a big grin that I wonder when the game detailing the take over of Indonesia is due out (this was post Tsunami).

1 week later I found it. It's spooky. On the back cover..."In one of the largest multi player FPS games EVER, join the ferocious struggle between Joint Operations Forces and Indonesian Rebels, where team work is essential for survival and ultimate victory".

It gets better...

The scenario even pin points Ache. The scene of most of the devestation from the Tsunami and where a large carrier task force is kindly helping the locals. Ache just happens to possess one of the richest deposits of precious metals, oil & gas, rain forest timber and numerous other valuable exports. It also happens to be home to an Independace movement strongly Muslim and actively resisting the NWO and it's lackey's in the Indonesian Elite.

I kid you not. If you're familiar with this genre you will know what I mean. Some of the details mimicking real life are astounding.

I cannot believe that just like the co-operation with Hollywood, gaming departments are not being funded by a department of the CIA.

Remember that wonderful stream of war movies pre and post 9-11? Who cannot forget the tear jerker Black hawk Down. No better peice of revisionist propaganda bullshit has ever been produced. And just in time for the war too.

I'm sure it's just a co-incidence.

billiard 01-13-2005 12:41 AM

Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games

i,too,am a first person shooter ,multi-player addict .i am 49 yrs old and i like these games more than my 13 yr old does.since this past summer, i have been playing delta force blackhawk down by novaworld,maker of joint ops. i bought that one too, for my boy, and he plays it ,but i have yet to master BHD .i liked PS2 until i discovered this stuff.

i like your posts,though i'm not so sure about the jewish connection being a non-factor. the international banker crowd seems to be at the forefront of this globalism/NWO mess and they are predominantly jews.also,i have read more than once that jerusalem is to be the global capitol ,and israel has been called the country the rothschilds built . comments?

DarkChilde3D 01-13-2005 01:02 AM

Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games
Oh, lord . . .

Not only am I a fan of the first person shooter, I make mods, models, environments, charachters and weapons for these games. I've taken more first person shooters and modified them to my personal liking (more realistic the better) it's sick.

I've also gone to the point of no return . . . I recoded Unreal Tournament to be Virtual Reality compliant, because I wanted to actually aim the flak cannon at my brother (who always plays a Nali War Cow).

I've also made 3D models of naked women to make the shoot 'em ups more interesting. Boobs and carnage can make for a real interesting game . . . especially if the 'chickies' are packing heat.

But, that's the price you pay for having a laptop with all your art programs on it, and 8 hours a night at a security post . . . some pretty sick stuff gets created because the mind is 'bored'.

But for the reason of not getting sued, I'll leave the game material for myself. I don't think Carmen Electra and Pam anderson and others would appreciate the fact that I've manipulated countless images of them in order to make textures for nude character models of them to 'play with'.

But there are other games beside the first person shooter that I love to partake in. . . GTA Vice City is my favorite game of all time, so far. I haven't boutgh San Andreas yet, though. And in a way, GTA is even worse than the rest of them, because the other games don't have realistic elements of daily life in them that you are disrupting . . . how many times in GTA have I killed hundreds of innocent people at a clip because I got pissed off that a mission seemed impossible? All those poor computer generated souls. Gladly, no one in the real world was ever hurt by me due to a video game.

Play 'CRAZY TAXI' . . . my top score . . . 14,995 with 15 passengers . . . the secret is to take all the 'red' fares first to build up your time, and do a 'crazy slide' to finish every fare. . . if done right, you can easily rack up about $800.00 by getting 'caught' between the wall and the ground.

truebeliever 01-13-2005 01:37 AM

Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games
It's good to know one is not alone re: FPS.

True Billiard, "The Jews" wield more influence than their low numbers should account for.

The Jew does business. They are also responsible for many great things accross the whole social spectrum of the arts and sciences.

They are also one of the true people who's allegience is to yewah and not to the state which makes them enemy numero uno to the NWO.

The Muslims too are finding out that their bowing 5 times a day to an invisdible being is really pissing off Rothschild. Daring to build there towns over such light sweet crude has certainly been there undoing. Whats the joke God had on the Jews?...God sent them wandering for 40 years and then had them settle in...Israel! Missed by a few hundred clicks. Perhaps they're rectifying that as we speak.

Yes I concede they are a mischevious, arrogant bunch of bastards who need to admit they crucified there King and are paying for it 2000 years later. Still, they are human beings and the old Torah Jews are a good bunch. Do we call Sharon a "Jew" anymore than calling Bush a "Christian"? They are just arseholes in the service of power.

Yes there are certainly some pretty whacko things aimed for the middle East. I just dont want to lump all Jews in the same boat.

I also dont want to lose the international perspective on this. I blame WASP's far more than I blame Jews. I am open to being convinced otherwise. I just say the Jews are open as scape goats at this time. perhaps we simply need a more focussed language. Perhaps Fundamentalist Zionist?

I just dont want the debate to get bogged down into "It's The Jews"! It gets us nowhere.

I prefer to think that the shadow we project onto Jewery such as love of the material, love of money, hard of heart and racism would be better admitted in ourselves.

I admit there is certainly a great deal of evidence of elements of Jewery planting great subterfuge and mischeif.

DC...I know the feeling of to much spare time. You must understand how people kept in solitary confinement produce fine works of art out of match sticks.

May we keep the FPS on the computer screen.


Forgive the posting binge. It will wear off soon.

truebeliever 01-13-2005 02:28 AM

Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games
Joint Ops is also multi player only. I bought it today and am taking it back. I wont open up to the net at all.

Enjoyed Shadow Op's though a bit shoot em up.

Ghost Recon is my fave. Old I know. I wish they'd update the graphics. Excellent gameplay and relaistic infantry tactics.

Oh and by the way...the NWO sucks...just in keeping with the theme.

DarkChilde3D 01-13-2005 10:22 AM

Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games
One other game, (although a 3rd person) was SpecOps . . . GREAT game . . . and then there was the other one . . . forgot the name . . . you had 6 guys to go against the Nazis . . . involved 2 step aiming? Anyone? It wasn't command and conquor, but I do believe the name was limilar . . . _______and _______. If anyone knows, please, fill in the blanks.

Ahmad 01-13-2005 10:27 AM

Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games
Peace DarkChilde,

I don't want to spoil your fun!, but could you tell me of one MEANING/VALUE behind video games?

madkhao 01-13-2005 10:55 AM

Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games
GTA was the best game ever made so far (imho)

We should design a video game with NWO characters. Our mission, what else?

billiard 01-13-2005 01:23 PM

Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games

i will tell you the answer to your question : NONE

playing video games has no redeeming qualities,no meaning or value . but it's fun. lighten up a little and try having fun sometime. you seem to me to be abolutely too solemn.

Ahmad 01-13-2005 01:32 PM

Re: Social Engineering & Computer Games
: )

Peace billiard,

It's not just fun, it is brain washing, all kinds of evil you can do today in virtual reality! witchcraft, murder, rape...etc! who is behind this you think? same like the movies and comic books.

There is ligitimate fun, e.g: learning something new thorugh a game, excersizing, pondering at God's creation....etc

And there is iligitimate fun, and its pulling all of us downwards in a spiral,... anyway it's everybody's choice!

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